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GIA Style Card // Militia

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 7:40 am on February 20th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 72 views

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Hey guys, At the moment we at GIA are preparing the next issue of Glance and I have been hunting down items to bring you all great styles. As I was going through stores, I came across one of the items for today style and just had to buy it. I presents to you all today's style, Militia .

The item I came across is this black blouse by Mr. Poet. Now this is not a new item as I have seen it previously but I have never seen anyone blog it, my guess is everyone pays attention to the off shoulder shirt. The design at first sight is nothing special, but when you look closer, you will notice that the interior of the blouse is in plaid pattern, most designs can outstand from others when they pay attention to minor details. This item also comes in 2 different styles which one has the sleeves rolled up with the plaid patterns showing on the sleeve and the other is as soon on the picture here with the shorts sleeves unrolled. The body prim part of the shirt is flexible makes it much more realistic and the Epaulet gives it a little military feel.

As it is still not summer (And still pretty cold for me…) I was not going to just wear a blouse and leave it at that with my torso bare. So I pulled out this tank top from my inventory which is one of my favorite but I have not blogged before, this tank top is from a military store called Tonktastic which I have got some items previously for a fashion spread on the magazine last month and I got this tank as well from them. The name of the tank is asian fighter and as all clothing items from the store, it comes in all layers. Which is a big plus and I think every designer should do when they are doing clothing.

The necklace I am using here is a gift I got from hunt previously and is not available anymore. (Sorry) The wristbands are free from Hermony on xstreet.

The belt is from Reek called I heart colors belt. It comes with a resize script and also recoloring and retexturing and these two can mix. That's right, you can use the different colors on the different patterns. There are 30 colors and 9 patterns to choose from. As for the shoes, these are the from Hoorenbeek which I have previously blogged in another style card call City Hunter. The hat and hair used here is one of the few man style at truth call Ethan 2, it comes in pack of 3 colors and I use the combination of texture and coloring change on the reek belt here to match the hat.

Finally the pants, these are from Poison for those who don't know the brand, they makes a lot of different styles of jeans and pants and lately they have been expanding. I was surprised at how fast it has grown since my last visit there and all the new awesome items they have.

Here is the style sheet:
Hair/Hat: >Truth<: Ethan 2 – treacle

Blouse: ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: : Houndstooth Blouse B
Tank Top: TonkTastic: Tanktop (shirt; Asian Fighter – Ripped)
Pants: >>>Poison<<<: Poison jeans Red
Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ]: Military Boots – Loose – Used Black

Necklace: (NS) grenade chain(No longer Available)
Belt: Reek: I Heart Colors Belt
Wristbands: .:Hermony:.: Wristbands (Free on Xstreet:

I hope everyone like my outfit of the day.

Until next time,


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  1. Patty Cortes says:

    Love this look! I need to check out “Poison”, you give me reasons to shop! Great job, Alan (as usual).

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