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Ladies & Gentlemen~! Announcing the Glorious return to blogging for GIA today… ME~!!!! LOL. Sorry about that, ego talking. Let me start again…

Hey boys and girls, how is everyone doing, I am back after taking a break from it for (checking on the last post date…) 2 months (Has it been that long???) I am here again sharing my random crazy thoughts, bad sense of humor & a bit of fashion ideas, but just a very tiny bit of it. LOL

First of All, big stuff going on at GIA, as all you know we got a new sim just last weekend, and the place look absolutely fantastic, an whole new sim, Glance Style, fill with over 30 brands boutique and designer stores. The build itself is an amazing job by Chloris Hathor, you might know her from Viva La Glam. At the moment we at GIA are planning on the total remaking of the original Glam sim as most of you might notice that it is right now close to public but it will be back with us very soon.

Now back to the main topic. For a brand new start with the new sim of the agency, I went with the idea of dressing a little out of my comfort zone. If you have followed my post in the past closely, you should have notice that I usually only buy stuff I am comfortable with wearing on a daily basis, stuff that you and me might see on someone else on the street in RL. (YES, I can picture myself in that pimp outfit I made during clothing fair in RL too.) This time, I went out for something different, first of all because I am tired of always blogging about the same stuff and secondly, this is a really special occasion and for that I dug through my inventory and found this interesting outfit which even my craziest friend said the exact words,

“it looks a bit mismatched even for my standards”

And she mismatches in all her styles so I took it as an achievement and I am proud of it since this is all about trying out the different looks.

As usual from top to bottom, the first thing on the list is hair, I got this from the current edition of The Dressing Room, MADesign is this edition's guest designer and they are selling this hair name FURY No Bangs, the hair comes in a package of two styles, Brown streaks and Nightclub for only 70L which is a real bargain (DUH ALAN! That is the idea of the project!!!) right in this picture you see at the top, I am using the nightclub version of the hair which is black hair with root highlights, and on the back you get more colors which unfortunately are not on the picture (my bad) it is really a great design for those who want to stand out at a club or party.

Originally, I wanted to make the outfit on the skin I am usually wearing but apparently, I am too tan for this so I choose to use this pale skin I had from Cheerno from the Venus series. And make it less plain, I put on a tattoo from actchio, note that the tattoo actually is more than just the two birds, in here it is only cover by the clothing, it actually covers your arms and chest as well as your back.

Next, let's look at the clothing I have on, the top is from [CheerNo], it is not a new design but still worth buying. Why? It is the design that the brand made especially for raising money for the earthquake in Haiti. The product comes in two colors red base color with white lining or the other way around, the item's collar is carefully sculpt to the last of the details which is another great job from the designer. In the package, you will also find another, the dj headphone. It comes with a resize script which helps you fit it to you shape much easily. I also choose to use gloves and leggings from the same brand. These came from the same outfit, [CheerNo]-HUSTLAH, originally, it comes with a blue tee shirt all in a set but as I always said, I hate complete outfits, if everyone uses complete outfits presented by designers as they present them, people like me would be out of jobs. The pants here are from grasp, although it look nice I am still not sure why I got them, I mean the texture is excellent, the prim parts well sculpt as all their product it even comes with 3 different leggings of its own to mix and match, but why the double waist??? But hey, for the quality and the price, I am guessing it was an impulse buy but I am not regretting it much, I like it. As for shoes, I am using these chucks I got from ::Maschienenwerk:: which if you have no idea about it, it is a freebie store, but with all really good quality items, the chucks you see here actually comes in many color and designs.

As for those big glasses you see me with, these are from Shade Thrones. I got these a while back and it just somehow remind me of West and GAGA. It has 4 color available, black, white, metallic and metallic hot as shown here in the picture. Also comes with a resize script which can de deleted to reduce lag,

Here is the style sheet:


Hair: .::MADesigns Hair::.: ~ FURY No Bangs ~

Skin: CheerNo.: HOMMESkin Venus EURO

Tattoo: actchio.: birds in the skull of a rose tattoo


Top & Headphone: [CheerNo]: DJ Save Special Version

Gloves and leggings: [CheerNo]: HUSTLAH outfit

Shorts: +grasp+: Double waist denim shorts/Painted/mens

Shoes: ::Maschienenwerk::: Chucks_Galaxy



Until next time,


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