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GIA Style Card – Newness @ ALEIDA

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Hello everyone. I have a real treat for you today! Lots of new goodies going  on over at ALEIDA. I’ve brought along the new Snakey Dress and * insert drum roll * the new Ingrid II skin! YAY! Now, where to start first.

 Its pretty clear where the name Snakey Dress came from. Although I opt not to wear REAL snakeskin in real life I have always  admired  the way it looks.  SO  in SL I go crazzzzy for it! The  Snakey Dress is a tight fitting mini dress It  cleverly combines sex appeal  with elegance and equals fashion. \o/ The Top features a low swooping back while the front ties downs the midsection ending in a large semi-sheer bow at your waist. The skirt has 2 small slits on each side held together with two tiny matching strings. The long sleeves are finished with sculpted arm poofs. ( totally hawt ) What I love the most about these arm pieces is if you put them together they form a heart. Awessss.   The versatility of the Snakey Dress is amazing. Ive paired it in one example with a chocker from Gems and Kisses. In the other example Ive paired it with a long elegant necklace from Prim-A-Lot. But, I think it would also look amazing with a long necklace that dangles down your back.


Next up is the new amazing skin from Aledia called Ingrid II. LOVE. Ingrid II comes in so many options that I couldn’t possibly post them all for you here. Every pack comes with dark, light and even no eyebrow options. Eyebrows also come in every pack as tattoo layers as well as a freckle tattoo layer. Everyone that knows me well knows I love freckle skins.   Awes.   Also each skin comes with 2 eyeshadow levels. a “day” look as I like to say it and a “night” look with a smokey shadow. With colors like “Autumn”, “Brown”, and “Magenta” Its the perfect skin for fall. BUT Ingrid II is much more than just a fall skin. With colors like “Cold”, “Pink”, and “Rouge” Its also the perfect Winter skin!   Other colors include ” Nude” & “Natural”, which is acualy perfect any time of the year! :O


Not including the freckles layer, Ingrid II acualy has 48 variations. Adding the tattoo layer you can double that making 99 variations. ( 8 color options, 3 eyebrow options, 2 eyeshadow options, and a freckle option ) Meaning you will NEVER get bored of Ingrid II. the Snakey Dress colors that I showed you today were “Coral” and “Lagoon”. But this amazing dress acualy comes in 8 different colors. Such as “Orchid”, “Military Green”, “Brown”, “Mustard”, Lipstick Red” and “Truffle”. There is sure to be a color ( or 8! ) that suits you.


Thanks for reading!


 - Vi


Outfit 1:

Dress: Snakey dress – lagoon

Skin: Ingrid II sunkiss “Brown” light eyeshadow option + Dark Brows

Hair: Vanity Hairs New Release Casino Royal in Soil

Jewels: Gems & Kisses  - Haute Satin – Platinum – Set   ( Bracelets not shown)


Outfit 2 & Bigger pictre:

Dress: Snakey dress – lagoon

Skin:  Ingrid II sunkiss – Rouge Smokey” light eyebrow option

Hair: Vanity Hairs New Release Casino Royal in Umber

Jewels: PRIMALOT ‘Mine!’

Shoes & Bag: YS & YS


Hair Used in the Skin Photos: Lamb Witch


p.s. Sorry my pictures look pixilated. IDK Whats up with that. Usualy its not that bad. :'( So Ive put all pictures on my flickr if anyone wants to see a bigger clearer image. :).

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