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Have you ever felt the edge to be invisible? Not literally but like if you were in a crowd and someone you know passes by and they do not notice you at all? I sure feel like it today. I know is Fourth of July and all and is a time for celebration but some stuff happened to me during the course of today and these events has made me really think about many aspect in my life which is making me wish I was just invisible and since I can't really go invisible (even in world I can't cause of the name tag about my head…) I settle for covering my face enough so people won't recognize me if they don't read the tag.

And to achieve such thing I choose this vest from Sweetest Good-bye. Many of you might remember this store by the great school boy and school girl outfit they have but the store actually have much more to offer. I have presented several of their items in the past and hopefully more in the future, the vest comes for both man and woman and the reason I bought it in the first place was the fact that the collar covers up half the face. The vest comes for the jacket and shirt layer not in the undershirt layer nor for the underpants one as it doesn't go that far down the body. The bottom of the vest is prim as well as the collar. Notice that the collar prim actually is linked to the chest pocket and these parts does not have a resize script so you need to watch out for when fitting. The undershirt here you see is not included, I am using the wife beater from Zaara.

Jeans are from GothicCatz as part of an outfit name traffic. I have used these jeans for blogging in the past but never the outfit itself which hopefully I will someday. The jeans are pretty basic, just a pants layer, but still with great texture on the rips and the folding and the hand drawn belt. I am usually not a big fan of draw on stuff but this pants are very well done and with a little modification, I was able to fit them into my tall boots from Tonktastic.

I don't know what else I could say about these combat boots, they are just simply amazing. Texture changing for each part, resizable and with a variety of walking sound depending on which ground you are walking on, all control under a blue drop menu makes these Boots an awesome item which you will want in your inventory, it also comes with single object or in parts separately which you can wear according to your needs. It is a bit expensive for only a pair of boots but I still will recommend it for those who really have a passion for military things like I do.

The gloves are from dEVOL. My first pair of gloves that had fingers covered and I love the texture itself but mostly, I love the spike straps that it comes with and the best part is, these prim straps are resizable. As to not make the outfit so dull on colors, I choose this tattoo set from actchio

But back to covering my face. Half is just not enough in order to make it so no one can recognize me, I went for these glasses, the compulsives by my friend, Gospel Voom to who I have to say, thank you for your continuing support. These are another great creations of his with the full script for texture changing, opacity, size, positioning and so much more. It also work with the Gos coloring system which means you can add the colors you want to it to give it more variety.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair: Uncleweb.Studio: Jeff-Hair type-B brown

Tattoos: actchio.: birds in the skull of a rose tattoo


Vest: [Sweetest Good-bye*]: Drive – Black (Men)

Shirt: >{Zaara}<: wifebeater *white*

Pants: >>GothiCatz<<: Traffic (male) — pants

Boots: >TonkTastic <: Long Combat Boots


Gloves: .:::: dEVOL ::::.: Leather belt gloves [Male] (No longer available as the store is gone… T.T)

Glasses: [Gos]: Custom Eyeware – COMPULSIVE [Model]

Until next time,


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