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GIA Style Card// Not Herself Tonight

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There is a thing i love more then clothes and that is being famous .Love paparazzi , fabulous parties and of course love photoshoots . You can imagine how easy is to become a super start in second life .Find your favorite personality and take a look at the Diram Mainstore .More then sure you will find something there to impress you .Everybody knows how good djod is when we talk about personalities outfits. She can design everything ,she is a truly artist. Today i have for you something “X-tina Aguilera” style .If you want to hear more continue reading.

This is for sure one of her top designs until now .I know djod never stops to amaze me ,and i love her because she loves Gaga too [perfect match*laughs* ]. But looks like today X-tina Aguilera is the one who gets the most publicity .Do you know why? Simply because She is Not Herself Tonight. Believe it or not ,that’s the name of the 3 extremely new releases from Diram Mainstore .Elegant ,sexy and very good looking are the qualities that makes this outfits look incredible.But there will always be a question for you.. Do you dare to wear it? Are you ready to feel how it is to be followed by paparazzi? Are you ready to be a Diram Girl?

Shoes can be impossible to find .I know there are a lot of shoes store out there ,but only some of them are enough good for us .And when we talk about celebrity we need something gorgeous .What if our favorite store ,Diram, designs the heels too ?The result is breathtaking .The X.Tina Boots are the perfect match for this three new outfits .I adore them because they are very high heel ,and i think everybody knows how much i hate flip flops ^^ right?Go and get it girls ,is girls shopping day.

Enough with celebrities. Let’s talk a bit about this high quality skin i am modeling with the three styles .For sure (you must write this somewhere) ,Laqroki will never stop designing top skins in second life .That’s why i offer them a space in today’s style card .Named Pearl ( wearing make up number 3, skin tone fair)is one of my favorite skins all around second life .I wear blonde hairs a lot ,so this skins is actually the best match because of the blonde hairbase. Don’t forget to check them for other new releases too..

WoW this was a long day^^. And looks like we end it right now with X-tina Not Her Self outfits and boots from Dirams and the fabulous Laqroki Pearl Skin .Until next time enjoy your shopping time,and don’t forget the strongest women is the one who knows the most gossips . xoxo Ama.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shop List-

Outfits:X-tina Not Herself tonight 1,2,3 -Diram/Designer: djod Karu
Available at Diram Mainstore

Shoes:X.Tina Boots -Diram/Designer: djod Karu
Available at Diram Mainstore

Skin : LAQ ~Pearl make up 3 ,skin tone fair-Laqroki
Available at Laqroki Store

Hair: Fiona – Exile /Designer: Kavar Cleanslate
Available at Exile Mainstore

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