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Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 1:31 am on March 17th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 26 views

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Hello, sweet thangz, I would like to introduce yall to Pimp Daddy Alan Wicked. XD

One thing that attracts people to second life is that this could be an extension, or an escape from real life, do what they can't or don't dare to do, be who they are not in reality, and one of my crazy ideas that has been in my head for a long time now, is being a pimp.(Lol, yes I am weird)

This idea of mine came true with the help of Cheerno. Recently I gave a quick sweep to the RFL clothing fair and found this outfit from Casa Cheerno's booth which was in the RFL donation vendor and I thought to myself, why not realize my crazy idea and make a little donation for a good cause at the same time, so bought the outfit and started to play around with it. The outfit originally came with a pair of jeans, the leopard fur jacket and the Fedora, but Jeans just doesn't really say pimp now does it, so I dug into my inventory looking for something to match the jacket and to my surprised, I found that I had a pair of leopard pattern pants which I am still very confuse as how it got there But anyhow, The coat comes with 5 prim parts as well as all top layer for mix and match and as the same as the hat, these prim parts all has a resize script for easy fitting. In the picture, you might not be seeing it clearly but if you zoom in close enough, you will notice the short fur texture which makes the set very realistic.

Now what is a pimp without his jewelries right? Ear ring, glasses and all the other blings are essential to the dressing of a pimp, For this picture, I am using the grasp group gift cross ear ring on my left ear which are pretty nice for a free gift.

As for the glasses, these are the sentinel from GOS which I have previously posted on when I got them from the Accessories fair. Unfortunately I haven't come across any knuckle ring that scream out PIMP and on top of that, we only have one attachment point on each hand  So I had to settle for the ring with the biggest gem that I had in the inventory and that is the joker ring also is from the fair at the fairy tail booth.

Now a pimp must have its big pimping necklace and I found the perfect medallion at LacieCakes accessory fair booth. This poker medallion comes with the HUD which I have previously explain on another item I got from the brand, The HUD allows you to change the color, the texture of the metal, the color of the gems and blink effect allowing your pimp to actually have bling bling around his neck. (Lol) As before, everything on this medallion is prim (153 count) so watch out with the ARC when you are wearing it. 😉

Also a pimp must have its weapon of choice, in my case, a cane with a huge diamond on it to wack anyone who tries to be too smart with me! XD The cane is also an creation of Casa Cheerno and it was part of the outfit for the Designers United III event.

As for the shoes, Very considerate for Cheerno to once again save this outfit for making the new social shoes which matches the outfit perfectly. The shoes comes in 4 patterns, Black, Tiger, Zebra and the leopard you see here. Also with the resize script which really makes the fitting process just so much more easier.

Now for the accessories of this sexy pimp which I got from the accessory fair, here are the links to the booths:

[GOS] booth:

[fairy tail] booth:

.:: LacieCakes ::. booth:

Here is the style sheet:


Hat and Coat: CheerNo.: Deuil – Islak

Pants: Toritire: Trousers Leopard

Shoes: [CheerNo]: SOCIALShoes – Leopard


Glasses: [GOS]: Custom Eyeware v3.3 – SENTINEL

Necklace: .:: LacieCakes ::. : Poker Chip Long Necklace (Mens)

Ring: [fairy tail]: The Joker Ring

Cane: [CheerNo]: Vaude-Ville – Diamond Cane (No longer Available)

Until next time,


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