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GIA Style Card // Pure X

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Lately as I was organizing my inventory, I came to realize something, that I don't have shoes… I have many pair of boots, tall boots, ankle boots, loose boots, lace up boots, and so on, but not a pair of casual looking shoes that is not sneakers. So when I saw this set of vendor pictures on my flickr contact pages, I just had to rush to get them and made this outfit to match.

From top to down, we start with the hair, this is one of my oldest purchase but still one of my favorite from Uncleweb Studio, the package comes in 2 style and each in 3 size.

The first item on my list is the jacket from Meriken Co. The Rhett jacket is also available in many colors but this one you see here is only available only at their PaislePark satellite store as a limited edition item. The jacket comes with prim collar, sleeves and body parts and the body part comes in two version for two different attachment points, spine and stomach. The reason I got this jacket in the first place was because, 1st, it is limited editon, 2nd, the color of the jacket on the inside is pretty particular, which after purchase I realize, it is a bit pointless for you don't see much of it. Then again, the jacket itself is worth the purchase. For the tee shirt, I am using this hunt gift I got from the pass which is from SoLame Industries, it came in a pack of 55 colors in all layers, not sure how many of you guys got it but the detail of the texture is really high and it is the same for the rest of the brand's other product. The bottoms are the vintage jeans from Aoharu which comes with prim cuffs and belt which I am not using in this style.

As for the main purpose of this post, the shoes. These are the new creations from Jamie Holmer, creator of INDI designs, these shoes are completely amazing in every way, even though it is not texture change which I would have preferred, the shoes itself is detail sculpt to the laces and the texturing. You can actually see the leather texture the stitches and the light and shadowing of all over the shoes. It also comes with size scripted and non scripted version.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair: Unclewweb.Studio: Jin-Hair type-A brown


Jacket: Meriken Co.: “Rhett” Pure Black

Tee shirt: [SoLame]: X Marks the Spot T (Burnt Pink) Shirt

Pants: AOHARU: BT_VintageDenim_Dark

Shoes: INDI Designs: O’Donnell walnut/warm beige

Until next time,


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