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Gia Style Card // PurpleMoon Gator, Elle and Amanda

Posted in Featured News, Glance Style, Style Card, Women Fashion @ 1:37 am on October 4th, 2010 by linnda.scofield | 33 views

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Poulet Koenkamp had some very amazing and stunning new releases in september for Purplemoon Creations. Poulet always have that creative eye for details with her designs wich make it hard to resist not to buy them.

The first outfit i am showing to you today is the Purplemoon Gator in Black. Gator was a big success on the recent Platinum Hunt. After the hunt Poulet decided to release it in more colors.Today i choose the black one. The combination of the black and silver gives me that future feeling, full of nice details wich make it stylish and avant garde. This gown has two different skirts so you can choose wich lenght to use and did you see the beautiful silver thread wich are running down at the sides. The zip in the front is giving it a casual look, so it will be sexy and chic at the same time. The gown comes with a amazing and very creative silver collar. I have combinate this dress with the Paola hair from Tukinowaguma incl the beautiful accessories on it. The jewelry i am using is the Je suis gothique set. My shoes are the black platform pumps from Gos.

 My second outfit is the Purplemoon Elle in Brown. This is a dress you can wear in many styles, because you can combinate it for any occasion. The first detail that got my attention was the beautiful black flower on the sholder. The flower with his silver sparkling is the end of the black shape wich is turned on the body. The skirt goes down till under the knees. The skirt makes me think about the skirts lady’s worn back in the 50’s, but the beautiful texture of this dress gives it a modern look.I matched this dress with the new Claudia Ponytail hair from Tukinowaguma. Again my jewelry comes from Je suis. My earrings are a part of the Isis set. My necklace and bracelets are from the La Mer set. The nails and ring you see are from Mandala.

 My last outfut if today is the very elegant and stylish Purplemoon Amanda dress. Amanda is a long classy evening gown. Your shape will come out perfectly with the straight lines this dress has. The upper part of the dress is made of a golden v shape. The golden detail comes back in the bottem of the dress. Together with the dress comes a nice cute purse.
With this dress i am wearing the Je suis Mysterious Jewelry set. My hair is from Miamai and is the Ashane updo hair.

 Curious to all the new you have seen just touch the tp button to get the limo and shop at Purplemoon Creations.
The Poses you see on the pictures of today are from Body Talking and they just released some new poses again.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Linnda Scofield (GIA Stylist)

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful job Linnda!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

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