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GIA Style Card // Python Rider

Posted in Style Card @ 11:35 pm on January 14th, 2010 by admin | 12 views

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Hello all, for the second style of the week I am presenting to you my newest biker look, All this thanks to my friend who just happen to mention to me the other day about this new chaps at sey that I didnt even know was out. Thank you~! XD

The look started off with the news about this new rider chaps from sey. I always liked their products and this chaps are no exception. The chaps comes in 5 different colors and because I wanted to bring some variety to my inventory, colorwise speaking, I decided to go with the purplr color. now tthe chaps comes in many styels you can mix and match, you have chaps with jeans and shadows that you can use with the belt and bags that comes with the chaps as a set, you have also chaps with jeans but no shadows so you can match them with any other accesories you want and you have the chaps without jeans for those who wants to put on a show maybe with a thong or briefs (lol) The chaps comes with prim parts for both legs, now these are no modify so you will need to see if you want to adjust the pants later to fit them or adjust your avatars legs to fit in to them…

The second thing that I like from this set are the belts with bags. the front thigh bag and the back waist bag comes seperated but I shot them together with the belt here. The back waist bag comes in 2 version, normal and thick and it contains a resize script as well as texture changing with 4 style to choose from.

As fot the jacket. I wasn’t originally going to buy this latest release fur line jacket from Grasp as I already got the hooded one, they would look to much alike in my inventory, but then when this version with the python leather texture, I thought that would also be an nice addition to my inventory as well, The jackets comes with 2 prim collar, one with pockets, one without, the pockets are also sculpts and it is not clearly shown here but the left chest pocket has a detailed chained decoration to it. the pockets also comes in individual attachment for those who want to use it with another collar which is not fur lined Other parts of the jacket includes the body parts with sculpt side pockets and the fur lined cuffs. The tank top underneath is from muism which originally came with the UK Rock n Rolla leather jacket. Originally I was going to use this chaps but I think this python jacket looks like a better match. As for the gloves I am from this fingerless pair from Musim which is also part of an outfit.

As for these glasses, they are a freebie from Solar eyeswear call nash which I got form a while back, it comes with hud for lens control.The shoes are the Anexx rider boots but only am using the foot parts as the lower legs spots are taken by the chaps prim parts and the hair is an old style from UncleWeb Studio call Jeff.

As for the bike. I got this for an old photograph shooting job that a dear friend hooked me up with and the owner was very nice to have gave me this copiable version of the bike, it comes with metal shades level, different paint jobs, rims designs, headlights and all the usual hover, gear box and sound effect. it even has a burn out animation but the best part is that it has a pose hud in it on the pedals with solo, couple and model set.

Here is the style sheet:
Hair: Uw. St: Jeff-Hair type-B size-L brown
Jacket: +grasp+: fur lined jacket/Black Python/mens
Tank top: *Muism*: Tank Top_MS/stone

Chaps: :sey: RiderChaps2/+Jeans,shadow [Purple]

Boots: ANEXX: LeatherRidersBoots_Black


Glasses: Solar: Nash (No longer available)

Gloves: *Muism*: Black Leather Gloves

Belt & Bags: :sey: RiderChaps2/Bags [thick version]


I hope everyone enjoy the style today and I will see you all soon

Until next time


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