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GIA Style Card // Rock Me Amadeus

Posted in Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style News @ 11:35 am on November 22nd, 2011 by VBatriani | 84 views

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Morning all you lovely GIA devotees. Today I have some great quality items to show you. First off Rock Me Amadeus has moved! So please update your landmarks with this new location: Rock Me Amadeus. Finally on with the pictures.

I’m wearing Sorento, the newest Rock Me Amadeus mini dress for each photo.   The front has a sexy V-shaped plunging neckline while the back is more of a rounded scoop style that sits right below the shoulder blades. For greater visual effect, the front and the back each have 2 vertical lines of stitching that you will notice also on the bodice. The prim piece that makes the skirt of the dress is expertly made and blends in well with the textures of the dress. In my opinion,  Sorento looks as great dressed up as it does dressed down.

I dressed Sorento up with this new Shot Jacket  from ::Poised:: . The deep green “army” color of the dress is a nice contrast against the  ”Magenta” color  in the jacket. Can I add,  this jacket is quickly becoming my most used jacket in my inventory. I wanted to say a little something about the skins because they are fairly new. I’m wearing “Amy” from ABS. There is a slight purplish hue to the pale skin I’m wearing which  definitely makes you stand out and be unique. The face is dusted with freckles. The makeup is mostly high fashion. With the rest of the makeup’s being a nice natural or base skin.

Sorento is  available in a wide palette of colors. so I suggest you stop into the new Rock Me Amadeus main store and look at these for yourself. XO’s. Vi

P.S. Someone asked me earlier about the shoes when I was wearing the blue version of the dress around. I *believe* they are only available in the fat pack. Stiletto Moody likes to spoil us when we get those uber expensive color sets!They are the Bare Olivia line.

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