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GIA Style Card // Sailing Off

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 7:59 pm on June 26th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 27 views

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Hey guys, so as the summer continues to torture me and act as a giant oven, I went to the beach today and had some great fun refreshing myself while I was there, but something bothered me and this is totally off topic but just a thought, it is not ok for a man to see girls in their underwear under normal circumstances but it is ok to see them in those tiny little barely covering micro bikinis? Does this make sense to you guys?

Anyways, as we were heading home, we pass by a wharf, well not pass by but you can see it from far away and the idea of today's outfit hit me. I know it is a bit random but I am very sore and tired now so bare with me for a bit. :p

So I started off this time with the shirt, this is yet another great creation from :SEY, I think I just can't get enough of their products. The shirt this time comes in 8 colors with 2 versions of sleeves, short ones which you can use the prim sleeves with and a longer version. Also it has a prim collar which you can attach to the spine and leaving the chest attachment point free for necklaces,. The shirt also comes with variation on its prim attachments the prim sleeves comes with or without lace, and the collar and bottom part comes in three versions, normal, thick and wide. And for those of you who buys it in fatpack, you get this lovely bag as the package which later you can just carry around with you

As for the pants, I am using this pair of shorts I got from grasp which looks pretty similar to those they gave out as prize for last year winder choice but those were actually long jeans, this pair of shorts.

The sandals are I have on are actually an old gift pick from Ordinary which I think now is replaced with a pair of sneakers. I am not saying this pair of sandals are bad, for the time it was created, when no one were really doing sculpt toes, these were one of the best sandals out there for men.

As for the Accessories, I first looked into my inventory and found this bracelet which is a gift from Gabriel. The bracelets comes with a resize script and in 2 versions, with chain as seen here in the photo or without chain and each versions comes in black and brown 2 colors. The bag I came across while I was picking up the laptop bag from Lelutka, It comes with a ao hud which unfortunately, serves us guys no good as it is all female poses. The bags also comes with a resize script making it quite easy to fit.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair: Tukinowaguma: Chipi Men’s Ebony


Shirt: :SEYx: +Natur+ /tan

Pants: +grasp+: Leopard denim shorts

Shoes: *ordinary* : Sandal Brown


Bracelet: ::GaBriel::: orion hand belt withChain_black

Bag: [LeLutka]: BLENDA bag/cutis (A)

Until next time,


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