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GIA Style Card // Sakura no ki no shita

Posted in Style Card @ 8:47 am on January 20th, 2010 by admin | 20 views

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Hello all hope you all are having a great hump day. Last Saturday morning I woke up pretty early and as usual, I washed up, got the paper, and turned on my laptop to read the usual blogs to about second life when I saw that Aoharu was now having a winter sale, and is a 50% off on all products, I can't say no to such an opportunity so I rush to the sim while it was still under 20 people there (Yes~ got in early) and started to look for stuff. These are my trophies from that day (XD)

The outfit today is completely compose by items from Aoharu that I got this time from the big sale. I didn't find much stuff to buy as Machang have been busy creating women clothing and I got 2/3 of her store during the summer sale (lol)

First of all is the jacket, another down jacket from the many I have seen in this winter season, but with a slight difference, this jacket comes with a sweater and a inner shirt, so if you know how to separate it, you can divide the package into a jacket only, jacket with sweater, jacket with sweater and inner shirt, jacket with inner shirt, and inner shirt. In addition to that the jacket comes with 2 kind of hoodies, one with fur lining, one without, adding to a total of 10 looks you can great with the jacket alone. Also the inner shirt can be worn on its own and it comes with prim cuffs. I choose the silver and black color, but there are many others to choose from which I am sure everyone will be able to find the one they want. In the above picture I am showing jacket only and jacket with sweater and inner shirt.

The sweater I am wearing in the full body shot is also new from Aoharu this season, there is two collars available which attach to chest or spine, perfect to wear under the down jacket as the collar can take the empty attachment slot the down jacket left open. The sweater also comes with prim body part and sleeves for individual wearing.

The pants are vintage dark demin, it comes with two belts both with resize script and a pair of prim. But due to the look I am not showing here in this picture. Also I made a copy of the pants itself and modified it a little to make them fit better into the boots.

The shoes are the Anexx two way belt lace up boots. In the picture I choose to show both type, notice the difference between the belts on the boots, it can be normal textured or python. The glasses here are from a freebie a couple of months back from Arai which sadly is no longer available and the only item on the outfit that is not from Aoharu beside of the parts of my body.

The hair is once again from UncleWeb Studio and the eyes are from unique megastore. These are probably the prettiest eyes I have come across but the price is high too compare to what other people are selling (179L each, 999 to fatpack) so you should give it some serious thought. The ones I am using here are dark (black) but the collection has many tones of blue, green as well as other crazy color like red and violet.

Here is the styles sheet:
Hair: Uw. St: [Uw.7R] Aj-Hair size-L Oriental brown
Eyes: Unique Megastore: Expressive eyes dark by Nany Merlin
Jacket: AOHARU: BT_DownJK_with_Sweater_Silver_[Male]
Sweater: AOHARU: BT_RibbedCollarSweater_Gray/Nordic
Jeans: AOHARU: BT_VintageDenim_Dark
Boots: ANEXX: 2WayBeltLaceupBoots_Brown/Male
Glasses: *arai*: glasses05 (No longer available)

Just a friendly reminder that Aoharu and Anexx products are all still at sale until the 24th of this month and you don't want to miss it. Everything is half price.

I hope everyone enjoy this post

Until next time


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