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GIA Style Card // Santorini

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 10:59 pm on July 11th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 71 views

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Hey guys, Sorry about the late post, had a hard day yesterday and passed out really early and slept till very late. So today when I logged on to SL, I got a not card asking me about my last post, the person was asking about the yellow shirt I had on in one of the pictures from The collection of Chantkare since it was mostly covered in the last shot and he couldn't really see it. So in response to this, I am showing it off with today's outfit.

The shirt in question is clearly seen this time (I hope). It is a netted shirt, sleeveless and with tassels at the bottom of it. these tassels are made of flexi prim, not just a shirt layer like some might have thought they were and you need to stretch it as it comes with no script but it is pretty fair build so I am sure you all can do fine unless you have a very big behind in which case I won't really be able to help you with. Lol

And to make this shirt really stand out, I choose to wear it with the off shoulder shirt in black from Mr. Poet. This shirt is not new to any of us I hope, but for those who is trying it on for the first time, take your time with the fitting cause it is tricky. The shirt comes in two versions, a normal one and a large one. Notice that the upper arm prim attachments are the same for both versions so watch out with not confusing them.

The pants are the unisex demin from Leezu which we have all read so much about in the past two week or so, I got them a when it first got out but haven't had the chance to open the box till today, these you see here are washed color and in the package, it comes with only the demin shorts, or with 3 different colors of underwear waist line which cause of the shirt, we are not able to see here. For shoes I am just having so much fun with these slipper like sandals from :SEY that I just don't want to take them off.

As for accessories, yes another fedora (I collect them ok?) this time from Cheerno which comes together with the bag here as part of an outfit in their newest release. The bag comes in 2 versions, with or without AO (Finally a bag carrying AO which is not for women!!! XD) which are both perfectly sculpted and textured and you just don't want to miss out on them

Here is the style sheet:


Hat/Hair: [CheerNo]: LosTropicos. FLOR DEL DIA fedora


Shirt: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::: Off shoulder shirt Black

Inner shirt: CHANTKARE: Netted Tank [YELLOW]

Shorts: [LeeZu!]: BOyS Desert Jeans /washed

Sandals: :SEY: Tong / Male sandals/zebra1


Bag: [CheerNo]: LosTropicos. FLOR DEL DIA BAG

Until next time,


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