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GIA Style Card // Showtime

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Hey guys, some sad news, a great little store, So What? by xLenniex Lennie closed their door last Sunday… But don't worry, you can still get the products on xstreet which is a relief, I actually was busy on that day and missed the closing of the place and had to check on the products on xstreet, not sure if they are complete now but still found myself some cool Yukata which has one arm slide off like in those samurai movies XD. And I also came across 3 outfits call showtime (a, b, &c) and as it was recently the 1st year anniversary of a great Artist, Michael Jackson, I wanted to get this outfit as a personal way to remember him even though I am a bit late for the occasion.

The version you see here is version C of the outfit, it is a complete outfit, except for glasses, socks and shoes. I particularly liked the sculpt of the jacket, it has some kind of gem or diamond along the whole collar and front of the jacket which is really eye catching, the jacket comes with 2 options, only the jacket or with the inner shirt as you see here. And as usual sculpt cuffs for jacket and pants both are a plus since and a matching hat with the same sculpts around it just like on the collar. I did attach the hat onto my hand which was originally attach on skull and for those who worries doing that will ruin the positioning of the hat, the whole package is copy enable, so all you need is to make a copy before doing anything. To make the outfit more like the King of Pop, I also moded the pants a bit making them shorter and pulling the prim cuff a bit higher to show the socks. Those are the box next door socks you will find in the library so no need to panic and ask, where did I get the white socks, For shoes, I choose the HIS slip-ons which I have previously blogged about, this time in black with printed pattern which are free as I have mention in previous entries.

And to complete the outfit, I dug up these great new glasses I got from Shade Throne. I was lucky enough to get them from Undo before its release and have been wondering what to use them for since I got them and when I saw this outfit, I knew it would fit perfectly together, the set of glasses comes with 6 varieties, on the way the studs are organize on them, unfortunately to show you all of them will make them very small on the picture so I had no choice but to just show you the 3 favorite setup of mine in the picture above. Each of them comes with resize script for easy fitting and for 300L, getting 6 pairs of glasses from Shade Throne is more than a bargain if you ask me.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair: [-Buried-]: Stan / +Midnight+

Skin: -Belleza-: Miguel SK 0-E (hair)


Outfit: so what?++ : show time!!(C) (Xstreet)

Shoes: In Her Shoes: Slipons – Black Print



Until next time,


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