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GIA Style Card // Son of Persephone

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 12:10 am on February 27th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 57 views

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Hey guys, the weekend is here! Well as I said before, I had a birthday to attend to but before I left the house last night, I made this look and this time, left it public on flickr and added it to some of the usual fashion pool to see how many curious cats I could catch with it, just checked now and it got quite a bit of view counts, so before I get some rest, I thought I would tell everyone about this style.

A couple of days back, Machang Pichot, the designer and owner of AOHARU released a new line of complete suit outfits name Elegant Suit in various colors and I was lucky enough to get my hands on 2 sets. As always the quality is absolutely fantastic. The suit comes with shirt, vest, two different ties and pants, all with respective prim parts for wearing all together or separately, very similar to the Pinstripe formal suit she has but this time with some innovation, optional parts, the suit has optional parts at the store where you can buy different colors of shirts with ties, or with open collar, as well as a bowtie if you need it and as usual, all the prim parts has resize script for easy fitting.

Although it was meant for a formal look for the spring, I am just not a big fan of wearing ties during this hot weather over here. (I know some of you are still under heavy snow but it is hot in here so…) So I decided to play a little with the suit coat and went for a more casual look. Out of the 2 colors of the suit I got, I choose to use the crème color for the blog as it is more neutral and matches with everything I can throw on myself. I decide to match it this time with my Muism Deep V neck tee which I really think I should buy some new ones now since I use it once too many times and the past already. (lol)

In order to have a more refreshing look, I wanted originally to match them with shorts but when I was searching for a pair, I came across these at Zaara, the chino, which caught my eyes at first sight, specially the sculpt rolled-up cuffs which looks just amazing with the texture. If you have your rendervolumelod set high enough, you will not even notice the line between the pants layer texture and the prim parts

Following the idea of the outfit, I dig deep into my inventory and found these sandals which are also another great product of Machang, but from the time before ANEXX, these are from AOHARU walks and they also happens to be the first pair of sandals I own in world. These comes with prim toes and a skin adjustment HUD helping the tinting process as well as a resize script helping the fitting process

As a final touch, I choose to use this hunting hat with natural wavy hair from Argrace which has a color change and resize script, the belt is from the same store but it comes as part of the tailored Jacket set and a pair of glasses from Arai which I got from the store for free in a group gift a while back if I don't remember wrong.

Finally, the poses, these are all from Long Awkward Pose for this last 50L Friday.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair/Hat: *ARGRACE*: Hunting – Natural Wavy – Dark brown(Color Change / Resize)


Suit Coat: AOHARU: ElegantSuit_Cream (Resize)

Tee shirt: *Muism*: Deep V Tee/White

Pants: Zaara: chinos *black*

Shoes: AOHARU: MeshBeltSndals_Brown (Tint Hud / Resize)


Belt: *ARGRACE*: Leather Belt (Part of outfit / Resize)

Glasses: *ARAI*: glasses05 (Group Gift / No longer Available)

I hope everyone like my outfit of the day.

Until next time,


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