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GIA Style Card // Speedster

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So as I am feeling generous today, I am going to do 2 post back to back for you guys, BE GRATEFUL! Lol, just kidding. But I do am very happy to present this second outfit today which has an item I thought I missed out on and would never get a chance to get my hands on it again. ^^

So a long while ago, I found a brand I really like which I continue to shop nowadays and goes back there once in a while to check on new release. Muism. I came across the brand’s blog a while back and wanted to went through every single post they had. And I really mean all the way to the first one available to me and I saw in there, a racing jacket that I really wanted but when I checked the post more closely, I saw that it was a group gift and that it was dated way back from before I register for second life. I was really bumped out by that but recently I went to give Kmadd a spin and saw this jacket you see in the picture which in the gifts and I was really jumping and dancing around in my room out of joy. XD

What? Where at Kmadd are the gifts? Hehe, tricky ain’t it? Well when you arrive at Kmadd, you might want to shop for a bit first, when you get tired, you can go take a dive at the lotus pond in the middle of the ground floor and underneath, I am pretty sure you will find what you are looking for. 😉

Now girls, this comes in package of both male and female, the girls version is not in red though. And also, you have to go through like 3 boxes to get to the actual outfit so that was a little thing that I want to complain but is still, a great jacket and I am still having it on as I write this blog. The jacket as all of Muism’s products comes with prim parts which fit in small, medium, large and extra large size. The prim parts includes a collar with flexi prim lower body parts and cuffs. Now this jacket comes in 2 styles, with sleeves down as you see here or with them rolled up which makes it an excellent item for all season.

As for the rest of the outfit, I am also wearing the wife beater in white from Zaara (wife beater is a tank top for those who are wondering what I am talking about) and the leather pants are from sey. These comes with a fur lined cuffs which I am not using here as I am matching them with the riders boots from Anexx. Now another reminder is that the pants, are not all the way down to your ankle, they are about of length even if you set them to 100 on your appearance so you do need some high tube boots to wear them with if you are not using the cuffs.

As for accessories, I am using again these aviator glasses from Gos, I just cant seem to take them off as they really look amazing. I have previously blog about them in more than one occasion now but with the variety of color changing options on them, they fits perfectly into many different outfits and styles. I am also using a ear cuff from gabriel from when the store first started and I think it is not available anymore. (sorry…)

As for the necklace, I am using this corss made up of swords and spears I found at the Crystal line booth at the Accessory Fair. Rena really did an excellent job with this necklace, composed of 186 sculpt prim, the necklace holds a resize script for easy fitting. The texture on every prim is very detail to the point you wont see the closing point or line on them. And the thing I liked the most about it is the gem in the middle. It is a pity that it can’t be shown here but the texture of the gem at the center of the necklace is actually animated. Yes, you can see movement on the texture which give it a more mysterious look.

Now here is the link to the both from the fair:

((Crystal line)) booth:

[Gos] booth:

Here is the style sheet:


Hair: Uncleweb.Studio: AI-Hair type-A size-L Coffee


Jacket: *Muism*: MRJ_silver/red

Tank: Zaara: Wifebeater *white*

Pants: :sey: Carving leather p [red]

Boots: ANEXX: LeatherRidersBoots_bLACK


Glasses: [Gos]: Custom Sunglasses v3.2 – AVIATOR [loaded]

Necklace: ((Crystal line)): Sword Cross Necklace(Men’s)

Until next time,


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