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GIA Style Card // Summer Days

Posted in Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style News, Style of the Day @ 12:04 pm on June 30th, 2010 by amaliafoxtrot | 35 views

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There is a thing that I love during summer, that we always change our entire wardrobe . I simply love to get new high quality stuffs to blog . And plus everybody knows that summer clothes are almost all time one of the best collections from the year,because it gives the designer the chance to use a lot of colorful colors .Today I present you some designs from a store you will fall in love with it.

In the first picture you will see one of my favorite outfits from the new summer collection .I like to wear high heels and this design offers me the chance .It is named Soho Summer and it's available in 3 fabulous colors:Chocolate ,Evergreen and Indigo .You will find it a bit elegant too ,so you'll have the chance to wear it while going to work . Will look super on you during hot summer days.

The next one I adore it because of the style .It's something different from the usually this season clothes ,but for sure it will make you feel very original . Oh and that belt is absolutely perfect .Fabulous texture work. The “Buck Wheat” can be worn with both long dress and short skirt too .That will offer you a lot of advantages and will make the styling a lot easier.

There is a thing I always recommend to the customers ,and that is to try to wear as much hats as possible during this kind of days .They will make you look great and you will be able to fit with the season .In the picture we have the “Nadine” outfit that comes with both pants and skirt version too .And good news the hat is included too.

The next two outfits are for sure one of my favorite too. The one on the left is named “Asia” as you can see from the name it's a bit of asian inspired. And I discovered that it look great with red boots .The one of the right is “Sail” and is a must have if you are going to visit the sea. It's wonderful colors will bring summer in your life.

It's time to try something more elegant too .For that I recommend you the “Geo “ one that is very glamorous and sexy in the same time .By the way this one bust be worn only with extremely high heels if you want to look crazy good. On the right we have the “Princess Aura”that as the geo one brings a bit of summer elegant too .This two items will fit perfectly in your inventory.

We are ending this style card with maybe one of the most formal designs from this extremely good looking summer collection .It is named Ginger Jar and I promise you won't regret buying it .Let's have some fun wearing this fabulous long dress. <3 It's summer time so I think is time for you to go shopping .Just use the slurl from the store credits to teleport to the mainstore and search for this breathtaking new releases. See you in the next post xoxo Ama. Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Dresses: All outfits presented /Designer: Kimmera Madison
Available ONLY at Tres Beau Shop

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