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GIA Style Card // Varsity

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 1:37 am on February 1st, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 18 views

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Hey all, is the first of February~ It is getting closer and closer to Valentine / Chinese New Year (Yes, this year, it is the same day) I just can't wait to celebrate it. In tradition, Chinese people cleans up their house before New Year and as I have so much junk at home and specially in that black hole I call studio where I sometimes work when I don't feel like going to the office, I had to start early. As I was cleaning up the studio, I dug up my old high school yearbook. Class of '99. So I sat down and was looking at it, fun moment, and I noticed this old jacket. My varsity football team jacket from the good old times which now is in a box somewhere in my dressing room… So to relive these memories, I got online, search through my inventory and found this jacket featured in today's look, the +grasp+/Hooded stadium jacket.

Now my school colors were not back and blue, but I really liked the design here with all the usual quality from grasp I especially like the logos on the arm which in my RL jacket, and the logos on the front of the jacket just add so much more attitude to it. I had my team number and the sport emblem on it. The hoodie is something that you usually don't see in varsity jackets but this one actually looks very well sculpt and with 2 strains hanging on each side.

When you think of a person wearing varsity jacket, I am sure the picture you have in your mind is t shirt, jeans and sneakers for boys, and skirts in place of jeans as an option for girls… BORING! So I decide to play a bit with it. I choose to wear a shirt from Aoharu, it is part of my BT_Pinstripe_FormalSuit_Set_Navy which is a complete formal suit. Here I am just using the shirt and the tie collared which gives out a formal look under the jacket. To match that I also choose to use the hoorenbeek Pinstripe Suit Pants from the outfit Vito, The good thing about this pants is that it comes with belt, which makes it easier compare to a prim belt which usually I prefer but with the jacket body prim part, it is hard to fit them both.

The shoes here are from wicked monkey design, these are similar to the ankle boots I have got from Argrace but they come in 2 versions, strap or scripted which are for those who need resizing. And the hat is my favorite fendora hat from Argrace which I have previously blogged and used in many occasions.

Here is the style sheet:
Hair/Hat: *ARGRACE*: Fedora Hat “Natural mid” ~ (Dark brown)
Jacket: +grasp+: Hooded stadium jacket/Black+Blue/mens
Shirt: Aoharu: AOHARU_BT_Pinstripe_FormalSuit_Shirt (Part of outfit)
Pants: [Hoorenbeek]: [ hoorenbeek ] Pinstripe Suit Pants (Part of outfit)
Shoes: -Wicked Monkey Design-: NirSTone Black Edition

I hope everyone like my outfit of the day.

Until next time,


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