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GIA Style Card // Venice

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 3:55 am on July 6th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 28 views

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Hey guys, I am dying here!!!! LOL. Weather forecast say that for the next week, the temperature here remain a constant of over 30 degree Celsius… I need vacation from this summer… sigh. At least I have a week off from suit and ties since I am not going in for work. 😛

Anyhow, continuing with summer clothing, I am here to present to you another casual look I have put together for you, ideal for when you are out shopping or just walking down the beach but enough of yapping and let's get to business.

The first item on the list is the hat, I am having too much fun with this one, I have been looking for a hat with this style for quite some times now, although the original idea I had was a knit hat, and this one is not, I still got to say that it is a very nice item from Arai. The hat comes pack of 2, one as shown here with no hair and another one with the hair under it, also it has a texture changing script and there are 3 colors per pack you can pick by mean of a click menu.

The hoodie I have on is the reek laundry day hoodie which I have blog a while back when it first came out. It comes with HUD for color change and the parts are color change individually including the inside of the jacket, the pockets and the elastic band around the waist and sleeves.
The inner shirt is by pig. The shorts I got are from Zoobong latest release, these come in both pants and underpants layer with prim cuffs, which you will need to stretch as they are non-scripted.

As for the sandals, these are the second pair that came out from :SEY at the end of May. Just like the previous ones I blogged about these sandals comes with prim feet and detail shadowing which predecessors haven't shown and with the color HUD to change the feet color, delete script HUD, resizable feet makes them ideal for this summer. These great sandals are available in 7 colors with 15 colors for the nails so you can play around with it. Another great thing about it is that with :SEY, when the product has issues, they sent out a mass update to everyone once the glitch is fixed which I know they are not the only one doing so but lately I have encounter several designers who ask for extra money for updates or even make you repurchase to get these…

Here is the style sheet:


Hat: *ARAI*: & ::MB:: Nakano (Cap Only)(Resize & ColorChange)

Tattoo: ** KANIVAL TATTOO **: 79.Tribal Half


Hoodie: Reek: Laundry Day Hoodie — Men

Shirt: Pig: Thermal – Blue T

Shorts: !ZooBong: Punk Shorts Prim (L-Upper leg) [ Blue Moon ]

Sandals: :SEY: MenFas /Male sandals/green


Key chain Strap: .:::: dEVOL ::::.: key chain strap

Until next time,


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