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GIA Style Card // Winter Fashion: Trench Coat

Posted in Style Card @ 7:31 pm on November 29th, 2009 by admin | 88 views

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Winter is upon us and while temperature in-world is irrelevant, I still find it important to dress according to the season. This is not just because with all the different overcoats and jackets out there, you will have head turning outfits day after day, but also I do feel warmer seeing myself in-world well wrapped up in clothing.

The colors of today outfit are basically working around the gray scale. The trench coat is from Aoharu. The snake skin pattern on the coat makes it less dull compared to the ordinary trench coat you might see around and the prim collar and sleeves are perfectly sculpt as well as the belt, and the buttons on both the front and the back on the coat. Underneath, I choose to wear a turtle neck from Savvy Avvy as the opening of the coat is pretty big at the front and as I said before, I want to feel warm. I also choose the color red, which attracts more attention at first view. Notice that the trench coat prim sleeves are moved and resized here because the original sleeves were of middle length only which leaves the sleeves of the turtle neck hanging out. Also I have the leather gloves from Devol which fits perfectly under the sleeves of the coat. The tartan pants are from Poison. 2 colors are available; I choose the gray pairs for it has a touch of red which matches with the turtle neck. The boots I have on are from Grasp which is the most detailed pair of boots I have seen so far in SL, it comes with a resize script so no edit resizing needed. Finally, the glasses, these are from Role Optics which comes with a HUD and a full customize script allowing change of color of the lens and frame, resizing and also 2 rezzing positions.
The skin I am using is from Belleza which I personally love for the facial details including the pores which makes the skin much more realistic and the hair style I have on is from Uncle Web Studio.

Here are the details to the style:

Hair: Uncleweb Studio: Jin-Hair type-A size-L brown
Skin: Belleza: Jonas tan 0-E (bald)

Trench coat: AOHARU: SnakeTrenchCoat_Black
Pants: >>>Poison<<<: Grey tartan jeans
Turtle neck: [savvy avvy] : mens rollneck sweater – red
Boots: +grasp+: si*na/Leather Boots/DarkBrown/mens

Glasses: ROLE OPTIC: SG-56 Arcadi
Gloves: .:::: dEVOL ::::.: Leather belt gloves [Male]

I hope that everyone enjoys this first style card and I hope to see you all on my next post.


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