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Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 10:34 pm on April 30th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 22 views

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Hey guys! How is everyone? Miss me you all? I apologies for the lack of blogging lately but RL work took me for a little business trip and it was just busier than I thought. But I am back now, and things should be better.

Before I got caught up in the trip, I actually found a store that have some excellent items but didn't have time to present them to you, now I am sure a lot of you have seen some of the products from the store by now but I still think that it is worth mentioning to all of those who follow this blog, The store name is Kapanga.

The store holds mainly sporting outfit, not a big variety right now but I was pretty impress by the quality of the items and get this, they are all under 100L a piece. Yes, that is 100, not 1000, not 10000, under 100L, and that is really cheap for a good quality sculpted items if you ask me.

The shirt and pants I am using here are both from the store, and as I said above, the quality sculpted are just great. I picked out this hoodie because of the collar design, although there are several designs with a side opening zipper in SL, I found this one really eye catching as to the detail of the zipper itself. The pants are also very well sculpted and the cuffs actually doesn't look weird on this pair of shorts when you have your knees bend which is a thing that most short I have come across in world have trouble with. Also there is another thing about this short that stands out from the rest. I have only seen this in one other brand of jeans and that is a sculpt bulge which is something that really bothers me on most of the pants and shorts I have since I do look like a Ken doll without that sculpt bulge. I friend of mine say these sculpt are ugly and I guess it does look funny if it is not done right and positioned badly but than the one on these shorts really doesn't seem that way.

Another thing I have to mention is the great post sale service Kapanga has. When I first got my hand on the shorts, I had an issue with the texturing of one of the sculpt cuffs, and it just wasn't loading no matter what I did, cleaning cache, switching viewers, and still nothing, so I went to my last resource and contacted the designer, I didn't need to explain myself much nor present a purchase history of the item, I just said I had a problem with the shorts and as soon as he got the message, I got a new pair and in perfect condition. That is more than what I can say is offer my many designers I have come acrossed in the pass.

The shoes are 2REAL PURE in the playboy texture set which I didn't notice before but on the inner side of the foot there is a pretty drawing which I think is more attractive to the playboy bunny on the other side but none the less, a great design paired of sneakers.

As for the dumbbells, these are from RC clusters, now yes there are other dumbbells available and even better looking but those are mostly just decorations in the room these actually comes with animations and you can use the ones that only have animation for one hand or those who have for both arms.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair: Unclewwb.Studio: Jeff-Hair type-B size-L brown


Hoodie: ***Kapanga***: Lyoto hoodie blue

Shorts: ***Kapanga***: Hugo shorts white

Shoes: 2REAL: PURE


Dumbbells: -RC Cluster-: Dumbells

Until next time,


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