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GIA Style Card// Wrap Me In Silk

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Post:Hi Guys! I haven’t blogged on Glance in a long time, but I thought it would be good to keep it up over here. I’ve been so busy. I bought a new mic & I feel like Britney Spears with my mouth piece. Skype Me! Anyways, Aoharu released some new stuff, including the above vest scarf. I missed hair fair, but I was able to grap the Guardian hair by epoque. I hope everything gets moved to normal stores like last year. I really want Lace by Lamb. I could almost kill for it. But, I would hire a hit man actually. Anyways, I’m gunna go smoke something or do something with my life. Kisses!

hair: Epoque
skin: Nylon Outfitters
lips: Pididdle
blouse: dg
vest: Aoharu
jeans: Fab.Pony
purse: ufo
glasses: Paper Couture

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