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GIA Style Card // Xmas Coat

Posted in Style Card @ 1:37 am on December 9th, 2009 by admin | 10 views

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Hello, once again. It is now already the 9th of December, I am sure you all have been very busy getting on with your RL, and also with preparing for the holiday season, today I am presenting to you all, this gorgeous Xmas coat by PERTURB/ation.

This coat, is NOT in the main store of PERTURB/ation, it is a special product that Kikis Homewood is offering for this holiday season together with CLEMATIS, nonino and Zacca in a gacha Christmas tree.

What is a gacha? A gacha machine in RL is a small toy vending machine. Produce by Tomy toys Japan, the machines usually contain a collection of little toys in capsules. One will put coins in the corresponding slot, turn the machine handle, and a capsule with a toy randomly drops out.

For the Christmas tree gacha in question, they are holding a collection of 15 items from the 4 brands mention above and each draw cost 30 Linden. But remember that the prize are random, so I am not guaranteeing you guys will get it with 30L, I personally had bad luck and draw many many times but in the end, a friend got me the coat :(. I do hope you guys have better luck with it.

But enough about the gacha, lets talk about the style today. The coat come for both man and women in the same box, transferable (So is a great alst minute gift to the opposite sex if you don't know what to get them. Lol.) At Frist sight, it might look common, but look closely at the collar part, notice how detail it is sculptured and to top it, the green snowflake shaped button with the plaid pattern on the inside of the coat makes it have a more Christmas feeling.

I chose to wear a pair of leather pants from Muism as it does look warmer then demin jeans. This pair of Pants are part of the UK Rock N Rolla outfit in black. For the shoes. I choose the coco lace up worker boots.

Notice that the pants roll-ups are part of the boots which you can turn on and off with the hud. They are also resizable and come in two styles, loosed or laced up. The detail on the leather texture is really realistic, including the scratches and the lighting that reflects on the leather surface.

The hair is from UncleWeb Studio, but this is not available at the main store, it was a promote style located at a well known shopping center and the eyes are from Madesigns which unfortunately, are no longer available. :(

Here are the details to the style:

Hair: UncleWeb Studio: Denis-Hair size-L brown wolf
Eyes: MADesign : Rich Blue (veins) DISCONTINUED

Coat: PERTURB/ation: Xmascoat (gacha)
Pants: *Muism*:Skinny leather pants/black (Part of outfit)
Shoes: *COCO*HommeLace-UpWorkBoots

I hope that everyone enjoys this style card and I hope to see you all on my next post.


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