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Gia Style Card // *X*plosion

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One of the shops on the Glance style sim who deserve to be in the spotlight today is *X*plosion with designs by Kaliha Noel
*X*plosion not only have fabolous clothes but they also have hair, shoes, jewelry, skins, shapes and much more. You can even buy complete avatars.
Today’s shop isnt a formal shop but you will find casual, grunge, urban, punk etc. A store for women and men, i know you all will love it.

The first outfit i am presenting is *X*plosion LaceJeans OutfitWhiteLace in black. This outfit comes with a jeans pants and jeans skirt.
The whitelace indicates that cute extra on the outfit.This outfit also comes in red, brown, white, blue and light blue.
I have styled it with the Kayli diamants hair from *X*plosion with the Madison Knot Jewelry in Black Pearls from Virtual Impressions.Nails are Mandala.
The heels are the *X*plosion Beauty Shoes and you can choose to wear the long or short version. Here i am wearing the short one.

My 2th outfit is the *X*plosion CrazyBuisness SkirtOutfit (black/red version)
This outfit is adorable and will make you the sexy girl next door.
You can wear it in many different wayes. When you get the outfit you will have 2 different skirts with prim, 2 jackets, 1 shirt with arm prim, 4 different gloves, 2 pair of different socks and that cute collar with tie, i so love that tie it just giving it the finishing touch. Again i combinate this outfit with the Kayli diamants hair ( you can change the topcolor) and the beauty shoes.

The 3th outfit is the *X*plosion SummerGlance Outfit Part 2 (brown/peach version) and it comes in 6 styles with different colours.
You can choose to wear the skirt or pants version. For the shirts you will have a normal option but also a transparant version.
I have styled this summer outfit (and i love it) with the *X*plosion *Malea Flower* hair, the Virtual Impressions Madison Knot Jewelry in Black Pearls and *X*plosion SommerDream *Diamant* shoes. These shoes are so awesome and you can wear them with any occassion. The shoe comes as a Sculptet feet incl resizer and colour changing hud. You will have 8 shoe colours, 6 toe nail colours, 18 skin colours and a Sock colour changer

Here you see the *X*plosion WomanOverall normal in black. This package is having 2 different overalls with leg prim.
The hoddie is just giving that extra thing to this outfit. With this outfit you also get 4 dif gloves and an nipple protection.
Hair is the *X*plosion *Malea Flower* (yes also this one has a colour changing menu in it) SHoes are from Truth. Nails and ring are Mandala.

My next outfit is the *X*plosion FunnyGirl Outfit in black it also comes in brown, red and blue.
The Shirt and pants comes with white lace, black lace or without lace. What is so like at *X*plosion are the gloves wich you will get with some of the outfits. It just gives you that tough look. The outfit has styled with the *Courtisane*: La Sauvage shoe in black (without calf) and the *X*plosion Hair *Jenna* (with hat)

The last outfit of today is the *X*plosion SpaceOutfit in darkblue. When you get the outfit you will be ready for a week because you can wear it in so many styles. You will get 3 different pants, 3 shirts, 6 pair of gloves, a Space jacket (resizer menu), and it will be up to you if you will wear it with or without skulls on the jacket.This outfit also includes the Space shoes with jeans legwarmer + 9 different legwarmers and bootlace. I am wearing the darkblue version but it Also comes in; blue, red, brown, black.
This outfit is styled with *X*plosion Hair *Jenna*(you can also wear it without hat)

Think you got enough inspiration to go shopping at *X*plosion

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Linnda Scofield (GIA Stylist)

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