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GIA Style Card//Baiastice Spring Collection

Posted in Featured News, Style Card, Style News, Style of the Day @ 9:58 am on March 22nd, 2010 by amaliafoxtrot | 49 views

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Hello fashonistas.For today I have something that you will cry after them.When I saw them out I almost fainted .These are the highest quality stuffs I ever saw ..this is the new Baiastice 2010 Spring Collection.I don't want to make you very curious so let's go together and see what she designed for us.

Who doesn't know Baiastice?She represents one of the most powerful brands in second life.Her designs are must haves..and every model has at least one of her stuffs.She never stops to amaze us with new releases..and actually this new collection was a big surprise for everyone.With a big touch of elegance and with the spring style..i am honored to be able to present you today some of the stuffs that are part for this new line.

The first thing that you must know is that I am madly in love with the Baiastice_Apres midi.Since I got it in my inventory I can't take it's to fabulous.Made from perfect texture and lovely prim work..this design is available at her mainstore in the next colors:green, liliac,pearl,sky,yellow.So which one fits you the best?

We shouldn't forget about the corset set neither.Belive me this is that kind of style that you will scream to get it.Named Anita Corsett you can get it in black,blue and brown.You will totally love the way it gives your body a perfect look.For sure this is one of the best to wear when you want to look just matches the style^^.

Rive gauche is the one that brings the mysterious spirit in the collection.With a very big hat that covers your eyes this elegant dress is for sure one of the best for girls that prefers to amaze people with unique style.Rive gauche can be bought in black,green,purple,midnight.So as you can see most of them dark colors ^^.Can't wait to see who will wear this .

Baiastice didn't forget about long dresses.Made with a lot of love and spring style..she created the unique Enfance eternelle.I presented you in the pictures in 2 colors:pink and white but don't forget that at the mainstore she has a lot more possibilities for it.Find your perfect match and wear this dress.It will make you shine in the crowd.

We are almost at the end but I still have on my list the breathtaking sweet disposition .Maybe this is the style from the collection that will make everyone smile.Very nice texture ,short skirt and lovely decorations.. typically for spring outside.I for sure recommend you to give this a won't lease anything.

Before we end I still want to present 3 long dresses. Nerinda dress red ; Rose Akito-carmine and of course Ruka ghafla are for sure one of the must have long dresses.Non flexi dress gives it the best look on the catwalk .Now you won't be anymore a cloud ..Baiastice is saving the day with the spring collection.

All this fabulous items that were presented during this style card are available for you at the Baistice mainstore.In the same time I want to thank to Zeb&Sly Pose Studio for providing us today's style card poses.Good Look Shopping<3 Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Style Card-

All items presented in this card are part of Baiastice 2010 Spring Collection
Available at Baiastice Store

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