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GIA Style Card//First Male Style

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Hello people! I am very proud to be hired as the new male stylist for this blog .Amalia Foxtrot ,who is also my real life sister ,gave me some strict instructions (ps: she was always very strict …) regarding the way I should blog and even though I like to play with pictures in photoshop (ps: they call me photoshopaholic in real life) she told me to stay minimal and just try to do similar blog posts to her .

For sure I was never good at literature at school ,so don’t expect me to blog long texts ,just focus on my pictures and I think everything will be ok.

For my first post I wanted to stay as simple as possible and got some nice items from different second life stores(which by the way are listed under the description) and tried to match them .I think it won’t be a good idea to go out to a date in such a outfit ,just try to wear it at home (smiles)

I am already working on my next blog post ,which I hope will be ready in some days . If you have any questions im me in world : Robi Deutsch

Robi Deutsch
GIA Blogger

Store Names and Products:
Outfit :Male Overall /!gO!


Skin: [ GABRIEL ] Tanned /ISPACHI Skin

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