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GIA Style Card//Gawk opens it’s door

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There is one thing that makes me happy all the item : the opening of a new high quality items store .I simply love to see new designers everyday in second life because we really need them .Today an old store opens it’s doors again with a lot of new and better releases that will let you speechless. Come with me and let’s discovery together the Gawk store ,designed by the amazing Mell McMahon .Are you ready to see what first class items means?

I always loved in second life high waist skirts and now i can get one from Gawk .Named “Tweed High Waist dress” i presented you in the picture in 2 colors grey and black .As you can see they will make you feel really elegant .And do you know what goes fabulous with this?A shirt of course .I used the black and grey colors of the “Sheer Casual shirt” in the picture ,and to be honest i loved them.

In the next picture we have something more farm style inspired * hehe* .I am talking about the awesome Stitched Jeans Overalls presented in blue and black .If you find the perfect top for this you will look gorgeous ,and i have good news : i found it. Named” Plaid Tummy Shirt” i used 2 colors the yellow one and the pink. For sure you can’t miss this new release ,you simply must get it in your inventory.

We go on and we stop at the next picture that presents a more fall style. Just looking at the name ” Mini Wool dress” i think you realize what it is . Short dress made of wool that will make you shine in the crowd. I got it for you in black and camel[my favorite one because of the perfect texture] .Like all the other items it is available at the Gawk Mainstore for you.

The next one is something extremely sexy .The thing i love at this dress is probably that fabulous corsage. Is time for you girls to have fun .Gawk is selling this at their mainstore ,and you can find it there for sure ^^.You just need to visit them. What is the name? White Mini Lace Dress with black satin corsage and Black Mini Lace Dress with White sating corsage.

This one made me fall in love with it since the first time i saw it at the store .I find it more Japanese style inspired ,but for sure is a perfect choice if you are looking for something new in your inventory. Brown and Black Pattern Neckholder Dress will make you feel a different woman .And there are no doubts that the texture of the dresses will let you breathless.

We are moving a bit from the jeans and dresses presentation to the tops one. The Tracksuit Top (Black and White) is something that i always wanted to have .It is very fabulous and easy to fit with almost anything.And of course the Black-Grey Camouflage Tank Top and the White-Cyan one are something that you can’t miss .We all know how important are top’s for women ^^.Fit your top with your pants and you will be a new women.

I know we talked about wool dresses, but what you think about wool tops?It is possible thanks to Gawk. They designed the Black/Camel Damask Pullover that will prepare you for the cold season .Get it and love it. In the same time we have here something super sexy named Black and White Half Covered top .I love to fit this with a bra ,as will make it look even better .For sure another must have from the new store.

I think we are already at the end of this post ,but i won’t finish without a fabulous top named Saucy Grey Pattern Shirt+Black/White Strapless top. You can get the Saucy White Shirt+ White strapless top too ,you won’t regret i am sure. Isn’t shopping so easy? I love spending time in this way ,is just about finding the best store ..and i think Gawk is one of them.

Of course at their mainstore ,you will find all this amazing new designs in a lot of other colors too .So you must visit them to see more .They are back on the grid ready to leave us speechless with each new release. Let’s have a great time and spend it at Gawk^^ .Enjoy your shopping day darling .xoxox Amalia.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-

All the items presented in this style card – Gawk // Designer: Mell McMahon
Available as new release at the GAWK Mainstore

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