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GIA Style Card//Orta Luxury Gown

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Good Morning GIA website .How are you all today? Working hard here to make this style card one of your favorite .I am sure you heard about the Designer United event ,especially because this lovely dress is from that sim . If you didn't ,then just read this style card for more info…

Designer United is an event that brings together different top designers that release some items that are available for sale on a specific sim .As you can see from the picture all the clothes are very high quality,and all the brands involved in this are very known .Don't forget to visit it as soon as possible, and try not to wear to many things ..extremely lag there.

Now let's talk about this lovely dress ,named [ORTA] – ECHO gown designed by Valena Glushenko and specially made for the DU4 event . The thing that I love the most at this dress is the available colors :Pink ,white,black, and yellow .You just need to see it in world to realize how good Valena is with prims .Simply breathtaking for sure a must have from that sim .In the same time I love the headpiece ,you can wear it in 2 options :one that covers your head fully and the other one only half .Fabulous.

I included in this style card a slurl so you can go and buy this lovely Echo gown .Good luck with the lag and hope to hear from you soon .xoxo Ama

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-

Dress: ECHO gown -[ORTA] / Designer : Valena Glushenko
Available at DU4 Sim
Orta Mainstore

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