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GIA Style Card//Ready for wedding?

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 9:43 am on March 9th, 2010 by amaliafoxtrot | 5 views

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You remember that old male style card I did?Today I come on the blog with a new style ..that is for male of course but this time it will be formal .I know how hard is to help your boyfriend get dressed to go out..but I know that sometimes it can be impossible to style them up for a formal event…well then let's give them some advice.

This style card is made for a special store in second life named Aoharu/Anexx. They are well known for the first quality stuffs they create ..lovely outfits and unique shoes.In the same time she is the designer of today's style card stuffs that I am sure you felt in love with them when you saw the pictures.

Like I always do I will start with the outfit.Named AOHARU-ElegantSuit it can be worn in a lot of styles. I think they are the only store that offers us a suit that can be worn in so many styles.The “All suit” version is for sure one of the best ,but we shouldn't forget about the”without vest or/and jacket “.In the same time for the store you can buy the ColorShirt , the fantastic BowTieShirt and of course the hot WildShirt that offers you even more styles to wear.I met a guy in a store and I told him”You must get the Aoharu Elegant Suit” represents a must have for guys^^.

The best part at it that you can find it at mainstore in a lot of colors .Of course my favorite is black but we all know how important is for your partner to fit his look with yours.That's why you can get the White;Violet;Pink;Gold;Gray;Navy;Blue;Cream;Red;Light Blue;Brown version of the suit. Ahh I so love Aoharu.

Anexx is a store designed by the same girl who designs Aoharu too .They create unique footwear styles for male and females too .I can tell you I am a big fan of them and if you remember you were able to see them in the Glance Magazine too .Let's see what they have for us today.

We all know that after we buy a suit we must look for shoes too?Well that is not impossible ..not for girls hehe..with the help of Anexx we can buy the lovely HorseBitLoafer shoes.They are available in Black,White, Brown and Light Brown and can be worn in different styles too:gold or silver buckle. So my advice for you guys is if you already bought the suits don't forget at least to take al ook of this shoes too .They are awesome.

It looks like this new stuffs from Aoharu comes with the big advantage that it can be worn in different styles. Don't forget that there are still some other surprises to present them from their store.So stay with us and don't forget to visit the mainstore too.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Suit: AOHARU-ElegantSuit All colors-Aoharu/Designer: machang Pichot
Available at Aoharu mainstore

Shoes:Anexx HorseBitLoafer All colors-Anexx/Designer: Machang Pichot
Available at Anexx mainstore

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