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GIA Style Card//Summer from Line

Posted in Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style News, Style of the Day @ 3:23 pm on July 20th, 2010 by Alyce Genira | 27 views

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Hello GIA website .I can't tell you how honored I am to be able to blog with all this second life big stylists.My name is Alyce Genira,and today I am presenting you a lovely Summer style.

First on my list,is this fabulous ::LiNe::: Orion that is available in 4 different colors. But there is a thing that makes this set so special ,you can mix and match the colors and create your unique style. Very sexy,very must have.

The next one is the :::LiNe::: Yupo. That as orion is available in 4 colors. This is for sure a summer dress ,but not as wild as the other one .Is perfect for the “good girls” who likes to look good .Do you dare to wear this super hot outfit?

There are some good news too. You can and you must get the :::LiNe::: SummerStar shoes. They are the perfect match for the 2 outfits presented. Available in 4 different colors,you won't believe how easy is to match their skins with yours.Should I even mention that it comes 18 nails colors.

The last things on my list for today are the jewelries .. I have for you 3 different sets.The first one is ::Line:: GIA that is perfect for women who likes to look rebel. ::Line:: Ekilem is for the good side women. You will love the hearts. And the last one is the ::Line:: Pufy dots Necklace that is my favorite,because of the pearls^^.

So Glance International Agency, are you ready to shop at Line mainstore?

Credits Alyce Genira – GIA Stylist


Outfit 1: Orion – ::LiNe:::/Designer:- zippir Kayo
Available at the ::LiNe::: Mainstore

Outfit 2: Yupo – ::LiNe:::/Designer:- zippir Kayo
Available at the ::LiNe::: Mainstore

Jewelries: Ekilem – ::LiNe:::/Designer:- Joke Bubble
Available at the ::LiNe::: Mainstore

Jewelries: Pufy dots Necklace – ::LiNe:::/Designer:- Joke Bubble
Available at the ::LiNe::: Mainstore

Jewelries: GIA- ::LiNe:::/Designer -Joke Bubble
Available at the ::LiNe::: Mainstore

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