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GIA Style Card//Sunbathing with Lelutka

Posted in Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style News, Style of the Day @ 9:28 am on July 15th, 2010 by amaliafoxtrot | 26 views

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*muah* Ama is back on the Glance International Agency website with some fresh news. Today we are going on with our Lelutka week,still a lot things to show you . Today's style will be for sure the perfect choice for a summer day at the pool or at the beach. But as I said about lelutka,they always create high quality designs. So let rme show you what I have for you today in the picture.

First of all we start with the outfit,that as you see it's a swimwear . It is made from 2 different creations of Lelutka Summer Collection.The top is named [LeLutka]-AHURA top_pattern/lavender and it goes simply fantastic with the [LeLutka]-GERA pants/partey. The purple color is something you must have this summer,but of course as we got used at the mainstore you can find this 2 designs with a lot of other textures too.

I promise you that today is going to be a bit longer style card as I have a lot of designs for you. The next one are the shoes,my favorite shoes. I am sure you remember them from the past style card.Named [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps I am wearing from the neutral collection, the powder pink version of them .I so so love it,especially how it goes with the swimwear style.

The new bags that lelutka release are breathtaking .Are probably one of the most desired things from their mainstore .You will adore how realistic they are ,from time to time I ask myself “Can I get a bag like this in real life too?”.They are named [LeLutka]-BIRGER bag ,and I am wearing the Verona texture version.This bag is so due to my heart.

The next stop are the head accessories . I love when I manage to match a pair of sunglasses with a hat,of course both of them from lelutka. A hat is for sure a must have when you go to the beach ,especially because it's summer. That's why I recommend you to get [LeLutka]-BORGHILD hat/sand. Same thing with sunglasses, you can't go out without a pair. From the summer collection we have the [LeLutka]-GARBO shades/pink that will go very nice with the purple swimwear.

And we are ending today's style card with the skin .Named Lola,I am wearing the sunkissed version .And since I loved the yesterday make up I decided to wear it again,that's number 4. As you can see Lelutka are really pro when talking about skin designing .They for sure know how to make an avatar look fantastic.

Now the question is :Are you ready to go sunbathing?If the answer is yes,then press the slurl from the store credits and enjoy your shopping day at Lelutka. Xoxo Ama.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Bra: [LeLutka]-AHURA top_pattern/lavender -Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Bottom: [LeLutka]-GERA pants/partey -Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps —Powder Pink-Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Sunglasses: [[LeLutka]-GARBO shades/pink -Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Bag: [LeLutka]-BIRGER bag/Verona-Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Hat: LeLutka]-BORGHILD hat/sand -Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Skin[LeLutka]-LOLA-makeup4/SUNKISSED -Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

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