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GIA Style Card//Totes,Hair and Swimwear

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Since today is 50L Friday I snatched up two pieces that I enjoy quite a bit.

I am not a big bathing suit wear-er indeed but this bathing suit from This is a Fawn is absolute. Not only does this bathing suit show off your assets but it provides a vintage feel with the high waist cover of your belly button. Leave more to the imagination girls. The bathing suit comes in lots of different layers and even comes in a tattoo layer which I personally never seen before, kudos. Only 50L to get this vintage salmon colored bathing suit ( also comes in a Navy color ).

Next in the 50L piece I had to have was Tiny Bird‘s “Krissy Krissy” in blonde tones. Inside the box comes two different shades ( Natural and Sandy ) which are rich in color and are effortlessly beaut. Krissy Krissy is a shaggy haircut with multiple cut layers and super curls that remind me of Roxy Hart from Chicago. I needed more blondes in my inventory so I was super stoaked. Tiny Bird also advertises many other 50L Friday hair’s so if this style isn’t selling you, then check out the other’s. I was also informed that Tiny Bird will be closing soon and the overall store sale will be closing tomorrow. So sad to see you go.

My last piece is not apart of the 50L Friday but a blogger review I recieved full of totes. Now if your like me seeing the word Totes kind makes you giggle and if not then it probley will now.

A-BOMB has made new totes for any ocassion wether you want to go swimming and need a handy bag to put your personal belongings, to going out with your friends around the town. Comes in different textures ( only 4 textures out of 9 have been snapped for this blog ).   Another unique feature is if you want to hold it by your side or on your arm, A-BOMB has made two different bags with both poses so you never have to worry about if you want to hold it a certain way..Each bag is 100L..So the choice is up to you.

Looks cute with my swimwear no?

Hair: Tiny Bird

Bags: A-BOMB 100L

Outfit: This is a Fawn

Bracelets: Artilleri ( who is also apart of the 50L Friday )

Skin: Heartsick

Sandals: A-BOMB

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