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Glance Style Alert //CCD Tattoo Makes up

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Second life Fashion will never stop to amaze us with different new things. You never know what will be released tomorrow ,or when the fashion will make another big step .Anyway i think i found something new that will be perfect for people who are on 2.0 viewer .Let me show you the newest tattoo make up from CCD.

I think everyone had at least once the problem of finding a make up that fits with the clothes you are going to wear. The problem is that buying a new skin will cost you a lot of money .I present you the new face tattoo makes up for making your avatar look incredible. Now you won’t have to buy a new skin ,simply activate the tattoo on your avatar and you are ready.

CCD thought at all when she designed this new release. I am saying this because the set actually comes with 10 different tattoos for your face .You have: Blue , Gold ,Green , Light Blue , Pink , Purple, Silver , Smokey ,Turquoise and white .So as you can see this set really deserves your attention .I recommend you to go and get it.

If you liked what you saw today on the glance website ,then just press like always the slurl of the store from the store list and enjoy you shopping day.Don’t forget to check daily the glance international agency website for new releases.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Tatto : Tattoo Make Up Basic- CCD // Designer: Caithlin Carter
Available as new release at the CCD Mainstore

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