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MEB Fashion Summer 2010 Collection Sneak Peek

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Brand new seasonal outfits at MEB Fashion! Take a look at MariaElena Barbosa’s latest releases: the Ravello dream gown, ideal for a ballgown and the Capri skirt ensemble, perfect to reveal silky legs for this summer!


MEB Summer 2010 Collection:  MEB Fashion, by MariaElena Barbosa, proposes a black and white Summer, thinking of tanned skins, loose hair, great fun and vanity enhanced and stressed by these basic colors.  Almost all the clothes have names of famous sea places in the italian Mediterranean (Ravello, Panarea, Capri, Ponza, Positano).


Ravello is an incredible natural balcony over the splendid Amalfi coast (near Naples). From its Villas (some of them are ancient roman ones) one can see a stunning mediterranean view, and they have been very often wonderful location for international fashion shows.

It's difficult to be original designing a black gown, but MariaElena has been able to this, creating Ravello. It might be no more than a classic gown, but the raw opaque silk turning to deep gray, the deep neckline touching the waist made the dress unique. But the “coup de theatre” is a long silk bow slightly more bright than the dress, fixed on neckline's end  by a silver and black stone broche. It moves on every step, meeting the skirt's moves and mixing with it. Who wear Ravello can't be set aside in an elegant party or in a dance night.

The dress is sold at 650 l$ in all the MEB stores, including Glance SIM one.


This skirt ensemble is “Capri”. Its name comes from one of the most famous VIP location in the Mediterranean. The island’s “Piazzetta” (little square) gathers in the Summer actors, models, sport champions in classy and exclusive parties. The dress would represent this style, joining classy elegance and sophisticated naughtyness.

A fresh cotton white jacket, thigt and short, short sleeves, worn on a thight, black miniskirt and white stilettoes. I would choose this outfit for the last working days before holydays, or for my elegant afternoons of shopping. The glamour of this outfits depends on the simpleness of the whole, but also on some fashinating details: the jacket collar, the jeans-like skirt, the fabolous belt marking the body just under the breast. For the woman born to be always elegant.

The dress is sold at 590 l$ in all the MEB stores, including Glance SIM one.


Shop MEB Fashion Summer 2010 today!

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Or visit MEB Fashion @ Glance Style

Credits: Photos, styling and modeling by Patty Cortes, GIA Founder/CEO


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