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GIA Style Alert // Jcny amazed us..

Posted in Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 11:12 am on July 20th, 2009 by admin | 22 views

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We like to look good ..this is why we love to improve out style everytime..with something new that will make myself look amazing.It may sound hard to do that..and a lot of shopping..but we can do that very easy with a visit to the Jcny,paradise of accessories in second life..come with me..and let me show you their newest creations [be prepared to shop <3]

Jd Hansen,is known as one of the best accessories designer all around second life..i love all her creations and she never stops to amaze me .Astrology is a think that make us different ..a think that some people say can read your behavior your future.Jd from Jcny put togheter 2 ideas astrology..and personalization and this is how she created the lovely Birthstone Necklace.I was so happy to get it in my inventory.Now you can look cool and in the same time be yourself with this amazing creation.You can choose from all horoscopes model:Aries;Taurus;Gemini;Cancer;Leo;Virgo;Libra;Scorpio;Sagittarius;Capricon;Aquarius;Pisces.You can found all of this models in the JCNY mainstore.Every necklace is made in such way you can be yourself and wear in the same time your birthstone.The one I presented in this style cards is the Aries how you can see…it's so natural as jd used the green color..specific to aries.Now probably I'll have to search for the zodiac compatibility and maybe then look for my boyfriend in the virtual world hehe

I loved this necklace and can't wait to see other released by Jcny…until that go and visit their shop you'll love their creations

Necklace : Aries Birthstone Necklace- JCNY / Designer : JD Hansen
Available at JCNY Store

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