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GIA Style Card // Summer Love

Posted in Style of the Day, Women Fashion, Women Skin @ 4:33 am on September 14th, 2009 by admin | 26 views

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Oh how I love summer why not end it with a bang!

So as we know summer coming to an end , and it back to school,work and life for most. which is good and all but as much as I love what I do and school it just wont be same as relaxing in the beach and painting my nails without and worries and smelling the fresh air. But all good thing come to a end , right?

No, not true because there still time dig your toe’s into the sand and partying it up like wild things. that why am bring you this fresh and fun summer look. Now this pretty simple look all you need is a a bare or nude skin that has a fresh summer glow or tan it up to you. I choose a pale lyla nude skin from *REDGRAVE*.
Then you need a fun, short or long floral or print dress that’s bold and noticeable in the sun. So all eye will be on you, I picked the (WY) blur flower dress which showed off my legs and a spaghetti strapped that gave me the effect of soft shoulders. As well layers that added a bit of a more hour glass shape to mine, which I really loved.
Last choose an amazing pair of open toe or a shoe that shows off your feet because the summer of 09 was all about the feet, specially the toes!!!
so I paired this look with ANEXX‘s leather gladiator short in copper.
which was a great contrast with the floral print of the dress and bareness of the skin.
well it time for me to go back to the beach and relax :) kisses
Annie Paster
[Style Card]
Skin: 01 Lyla Pale Skin/ * natural*- *REDGRAVE*
Dress: (WY)Blur flower dress- Wasted Youth
Shoes: Anexx_ leather gladiator heel_copper- Anexx

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