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Ladies in the Game

Posted in Update @ 12:06 pm on October 6th, 2012 by amaliafoxtrot | 215 views

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In the game of poker, you will learn a lot about how a person plays the game in how they dress. Knowing how to read a person’s style of play in how they dress can help you learn how to adjust to their game. While one would assume that Second Life players would be significantly different, you would be surprised what you can learn by their dress.

As our first example, take a look at this mesh outfit designed by Sissy Pessoa,styled by Amalia Foxtrot and available in the Baiastice store.

While this young lady is very stylish, she does not come off as wild or crazy. She would be considered somewhat conservative in her dress and downright classy. This would not be the type of player that you would expect to bluff you a lot. When they are in a hand,they have the goods.

That changes a bit with this Elegant Spring outfit.

When I first look at this, I would classify this girl as the The Poker Barbie at the table. She is there more for attention than to play poker. As such, she will tend not to be the best player and may play literally any two cards.

If her luck is running well, she will luckbox her way into a lot of winning hands. When her luck isn’t running well, she still is having fun.Azul has designed an outfit that if I on a lady at the table, I would watch her play closely.

This outfit screams both class and sexy all at the same time. It leaves a lot to the imagination, including what’s on the mind of the wearer.

If you are looking for the “black widow” type of female poker player at the table, you just found one in this lady. She looks like one with a strong will, sharp wit, and someone that will walk away with all your chips. Often, the sharp players will use deception to give off false reads and one’s outfit is a great example. Female poker players are among the best at using their outfits to give off a false image.

The poker Barbie that looks like she is there to have fun might actually be a sharp player that is using her outfit to distract you. The “black widow” may actually be a new player,but is smart enough to know that some guys can be intimidated by her appearance.

By and large you will be able to get a solid read on your opponents based on how they dress, but keep in mind that their appearance may just be part of the game.

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