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AF2010 Card//Yabusaka;JEWELRY BY JAKE

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Hello darlings.I am honored today to present you the last fair card.Yes as you see today we are ending our lovely almost 1 month Accessory Fair.Before we say goodbye to it we still have 2 stores who are waiting for us.So let's go last minute shopping.


If you didn't visit this store you can't say you were at the fair.He designs some unique jewelries that all girls must have in her inventory.For today I have from him a set of rings that you will totally adore named 121-L’elegance Classique Diamond Wedding Rings-by Jake and 2 lovely sets: 121-L’elegance Classique Diamond Collection-by Jake and 121c-L’elegance Classique Gold/Dmd Collection-by Jake.They are very elegant and you can easily fit them with long dresses.I invite you in the last hours of the fair to visit their booth ..because we still have shopping time .

Available at the Jewelry by Jake Booth


What can I say about this store?Lovely.I am presenting you today a very very nice necklace special designed for the AF2010.As you can see the prims are perfectly made so you will look gorgeous.In the same time I must mention the < Yabusaka > Winged Circlet that gives your head a even better look.Everyone knows that a girl looks a lot better with more accessories on her.So If you didn't visited Yabusaka booth you should do that now.

Available at the Yabusaka Booth

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

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