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Anti-Pay to Win Competitions!

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It took me a while to decide if I should write this post ,but after I read a notecard that I got through a group I went off the deep end .I know that many of you might not agree with me on this ,but I think it’s time for me to share with people who are on my side my opinion about this bull shits pay to vote competitions that we see all around our virtual world .

I’ve been in second life since August 2008 ,and during the years spent in second life the thing that pissed me off the most were this Pay to Vote Competitions.First of all I should clearly say that I have nothing against any brands whose names are written in the following lines.

What am I talking about?
I know most of you know about that kind of competitions that asks you to tell all your friends to come and vote you to win something .Everything cool ,except that your friend will have to pay some L$ for that vote .And at the end of the competition the winner is chosen based on the money the organizers earned.

Is it fair play?
No way ! How can it be fair to win a competition based on the money you give?Why would I even attend these kind of events when I can easily send to the organizer 10.000l$ and ask for the prize(which ,by the way ,most of time is way under the sum of lindens you used to win ) .And think a little bit ,why would a stranger pay to vote for you if he doesn’t even know you?Most of the participants use alts to win these kind of stupid events.

Some days ago I got a notecard from DMC store which invites people to attend their pay to vote competition .More strange is that the designer even asks you to buy an outfit from their store in order to be eligible to participate in this .Hmm for me seems like he is a bit to addicted to money .And here comes the funny part . You may have friends vote on your picture. Voting is 10L per vote. There is no limit per person but you cannot vote on yourself. .
So I actually have to buy one of your outfits and then ask all my friends to come and vote me ? Doesn’t sound too pro at all.
Prizes? 1st Place Winner will receive $2500L plus their winning photo displayed in the DMC Mall and Main store of the chosen designer for one month. 2nd place $1000L and 3rd place winners will win $500L�.
Sound stupid right?So if I pay 10.000 l$ to win I only get 2.500 l$? Sounds to me like a cheap competition.
And they say my picture will be displayed in the DMC Mall .Great but that won’t really bring you any benefits ,especially if you are a model wannabe or something like this .Many agencies are not even interested in models who participate in this kind of competitions.I personally get mad when someone comes to me to get hired and in her CV is written all the pay to vote competition she participated .I personally don’t want to work with someone who pays to win something.

Enough with DMC .You might have heard about Anrol Anthony and Steve101 Mccullough,founders of Classic W/ Style who are claiming to be the best second life fashion agencies which were congratulated for their success by Linden Lab .I’m really curious to find out how true is that.They are probably one of the most known institute that organize this kind of terrible pay to vote competitions .They say they choose the best models in second life based on these competitions .For sure that sounds very pro when you think that 90% of their models are there only because their husband./boyfriend/best friend paid thousands of linden $ .That’s not modeling !

I am going to stop now as I need to get ready for my next blog post .Anyway as I said ,I am not close with any of the brands that were included in this text and I don’t have anything else against them then their pay to vote competition .I only wrote this post to help people understand that these kind of events doesn’t prove how good you are ,it proves how much you are willing to spend to win something ,it proves how fair play you are!

You are not a model only because you won one of these competitions! I can even say that you are far away from becoming one.!

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