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GIA Designer Interview // Wavie Haller

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Valiant’s Wavie Haller

Hello Again Guys, For my post today I am bringing you an exclusive Interview with a personal friend of mine and one of ” THEE Top Designers” in Second Life, Valiant’s Wavie Haller.

Today I am so excited to be talking to one of the Gods of Second Life Fashion Designing, Wavie Haller. Today he will be talking about how he opened his store, the challenges he faced, what he believes helps him through hard times and finally a GIA exclusive of what we can expect to see from Valiant in the near future.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you very much Wavie, for taking the time to let me talk with you.

When did you first open your store? And What inspired you to open a store in Second Life?

We opened the store in February 2008, There are allot of little reasons. Like there wasn’t enough good male stores or even any stores dedicated just to males, but my main inspiration always comes from my partner Ruby, and of course my head.

What clothing did you produce for your first lines? How do you feel your work has improved since?

I always find it really hard to answer this question because I made what I wanted to wear, not really one particular style. I guess I would describe it as casual with punkish, military and fun twists if you really make me answer. I think I improve every time I draw in Photoshop, and my designs have improved allot in every way, every designer can only get better.

Did you find it difficult to open a store in Second Life? What were the challenges you faced? What Helped you?

To be honest it wasn’t so hard for me, everything just clicked. I guess it was perfect timing because there were not many stores for guys around. Now though its allot better thankfully, allot of designers have seen that there is a market for men too. I think there used to be this perception that only girls shopped in Second Life but its just not true.

You have just released New Lines out for Winter, What has inspired you to create these lines?

I just released some winter designs and I will probably release a few more closer to Christmas. But really I want to focus on Butterdish this winter with Ruby, My Partner. My inspiration for this line was again Ruby and my Big Knucklehead, but there is a few pieces inspired by real designers and Real Life too.
Do you find that the Second Life trading sector, has decreased due to Real Life problems such as Global Economic Problems?

I think it has a little but at the same time Second Life is a world that you can live every dream you have at a fraction of the cost, So I think some people will use Second Life to fulfill those real fantasies and dreams, for much less money than it would cost in Real Life. I’m probably wrong about that, but its a theory of mine.

Can you give us a Sneak Peek into new lines , exciting developments we can expect to find from Valiant?

If you say please, Sure.

Pretty Please?

Ok Then *Smiles*

I don’t really plan ahead, Second Life is just fun for me, I just work when I feel like and well, have fun. But I am working on a skin line right now that will cost 250L. It’s hard work creating a good skin but I’ve never really understood why they cost 1-2k each. I have allot of respect for skin creators, they are really talented but for me at least, creating hair is much harder than skins and hairs are the same price as clothing.

Thank you again very Much Wavie, For Giving me this opportunity to talk with you,
Thank you Everyone For Reading!
Oz Collinson
GIA Stylist

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