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GIA Merry Christmas Card//From Amalia Foxtrot

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Hello guys..and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year. Maybe you were waiting for a style card today..but I changed my mind and want to write something very special for me . First of all I want to thank you all for being near me during this year as it are almost 7 months since I work and post for the gia web blog.I am honored to be there..and I respect you all for helping me getting where I am now.So today I wanted to write a Thank you post to all the designers who were near me during this year.

Patty Cortes– She is not a designer,but she is the girl behind the screen who gave my avatar love,friendship and help. She was the girl who invited me to join this fashion world as a stylist..and who changed it for ever. I thank you Patty for being near me and accept me how I am…and thank you for helping me to become who I am now. Thank you again love and I hope the new year will be even better for us*big hugs*

Omnia Oh-Because you were always near me. Getting you on my collaboration list doesn't mean just a name on a paper who send's me stuffs for blogging. Thank you for being a gaga fan and telling me what's new … thanks for being one of my sl friends^^. You were one of the greatest owner of store's in second life and i am really happy I have the chance to know you.

Nicky Ree– Even if we didn't talk to much ,or it was just for business I want to tell you that you are the designer who made me wear formal dresses. Before I was usually wearing that club outfits, and going to party with short skirts and bra. Since I started the collaboration with you ..i understood that a girl must be elegant and fabulous..and all just thank to you. Thanks again for being my number 1 formal dress designer.

Jd Hansen– For sure you are one of the jewelries designer who I love a lot .Not just because you are perfect and make high quality stuffs..because behind that screen I know you are a lovely girl ready to help anyone. Thank you for being one of my friends,thank you for accepting my collaboration offer and I hope that new year will come with a lot of new jewelries and more sales for you darling*kiss*

Accountant Adzebills/Indyra Seigo– I had to write this together.. the 2 sister who brought me a smile on my face since I met them .Accountant is not just a perfect manager but she is a great model too. Indyra is one of my favorite casual designer I ever saw. Her original style never stops to amaze me .Thank you both for being so kind and to help me anytime I needed

Stiletto Moody– Even if you are a busy girl,just some minutes of talking with you were enough to understand how special you are. For me you became one of the best shoes designer I know and I thank you a lot for that and for accepting my collaboration offer. I know that you will never stop to amaze me with new releases and that's one of the things I love you so much..thanks

Machang Pichot -Even if you are a new designer on my list, you are one of the girls who are always shining for me.You are not just a fabulous designer but you are the girl who makes me laugh at every second I talk with you.Thank you for that darling, and thank you for being near me.

Sky Everett– We don't talk to much only once /twice per month but you are absolutely my number one hair designer. You are so great and I know you are a fabulous person too. You are one of my oldest collaboration and I am really proud to have you with us. Thank you darling.

Amutey DeCuir– She is the girl who designs one of the most fabulous dresses in second life.Since you enter her store you can feel like a princess. Thank you darling for being such a lovely person and I am really sorry I wasn't able to post all your new releases this year.Thank you again

Nuria Augapfel– I still remember you are one of the oldest shoes store I work with and I thank you for that. I know that once you wanted to leave us and I was really honored when you told me that we are to good and you want to be back to us. Thank you darling a lot for all you do and don't forget I love you a lot.

Mimi Juneau-Your mainstore is fabulous and you are such a great girl[and I really love your voice so sweet].Thank you darling for accepting to collaborate with us and to help us when we needed. Thank you for helping me to become who I am right now.

Jungeun Vella– I heard about JE*Republic while I was shopping and since then I wanted you to be one of us. So I was really nervous when I sent you that notecard with the offer..and very happy when I get the yes answer. Thanks darling for being such a fabulous hair designer.

Caithlin Carter– You are an amazing designer of jewelries and dresses too .I love your taste and your style of designing ..and I am sure you will be in the top very soon.Thanks darling for accepting to work with GIA and I hope you like what we do*big hugs and merry x-mas*

Kimmera Madison– You are one of the designers who never stops to let me with my mouth open. Your Victorian style that can be seen in all of your designs is fabulous..especially because I love that look a lot. Thanks darling for being such a lovely person and for accepting to be one of the stores who sends us new releases .Thanks again love

Iarita Beck-You became in short time a very good friend of mine because you know how to be very professional and in the same time very friendly too.I thank you for that,and I congratulate you for the skins you create..that I can name them high qualities. Thanks darling and let's hope 2010 will be a even better year for both of us.

Steffi Villota– You are a crazy girl..that's what I can say for sure..and should I mention the super hot stuffs you create. I think you must be really honored to be the main designer of Deetalez. I was more then happy to hear your “Yes”and I hope you like all the work we did for you. You are a great person ,and I enjoy chatting with you..thanks love for being here.

Nando Korobase-For sure you are my number one lingerie designer.You know how to dress up a girl,you are one of the sweetest guy I met in second life..and even are extremely friendly. Thanks darling for accepting to work with us during this year..and sorry if sometimes I was a bitch.Thank again darling*big kiss for u*

Mallory Cowen– I still remember that I was so nervous waiting for an answer.I know you are the designer of one my favorite skin store..;Laqroki..and imagine how happy I was to hear your Yes.Thanks darling for being a super hot designer and for collaborating with GIA.

Winter DiPrima-Maybe I should write you together with Mallory since both of you own the Laqroki store..but I wanted to thank you especially for the very good looking outfits you create.I didn't know that Laq has such amazing things in their store.And btw I am still in love with the last ankle boots you create.Thanks darling.

Sissy Pessoa– I don't think I should remind you that I am a big fan of your designers. Baiastice was/is/will be a big name in second life because of the hard working behind the name…and that's you .Thanks love for being so sweet when we talk about style cards,and thousands of thanks for being near the agency during 2009.Was a honor and will still be to work with you darling..thank you and have a happy near year love

Zeev Dinzeo– I didn't forget you my muffin are superb. Thank you for being one of my bff ..even if we didn't talk to much in the last months..but I still love you .Thank you for the lovely designs you created ..and for that amazing friendship you sent me*kiss*

Tricky Boucher– Even if it's a really really new and hot collaboration and we weren't able to start any style cards yet..i know that is going to rock..because as you are a top skin designer. Thank you for that lovely yes you told me after you got my notecard..and I am sure the 2010 will be the hottest we ever saw. Thanks babes.

Squinternet Larnia ¬-You are absolutely one of my favorite vintage outfits designer.I love your style ..and I love your jewelries too .I was so happy to hear that you are going to collaborate with me for the gia web blog.Thanks hunny for all you did..thanks for talking with me..thanks for helping me..thanks for who you are

Raven Pennyfeather-You are for sure the girl who thaught me to wear black dresses.You are an icredible designer and a super hot lady .Thank you darling for all you did for us..and I want to wish you a merry merry x-mas a happy new 2010 year near us*big kiss*

Aradia Dielli-Lelutka is for sure a top store on my list. Thanks love for accepting to work with me..and thanks for helping me when needed.I was so so happy to hear that you want to collaborate with us..and again congrats for the new releases..they amazed me..merry Christmas love.

And again I want to thank you all for being near the my boss Patty my the gia stuffs..and to everyone who knows me.Thanks darling and I wish you all a Merry X-mas and a Happy near year.

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