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GIA Presents Catwalk TV #3 Featuring Indyra Originals “Pre-Spring 2011 Collection”

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GLANCE International Agency presents Catwalk TV #3
— Featuring Indyra Originals “Pre-Spring 2011 Collection” —

When: Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 1:00 PM SLT

GLANCE International Agency (GIA), SL’s premier fashion marketing and public relations agency is proud to present Catwalk TV, third episode. It will feature Indyra Originals “Pre-Spring Collection” by reknowned Second Life designer, Indyra Seigo.

The new collection will thrill you with its bold designs and striking colors. From tight, dark clubwear dresses to immaculate casual spring looks, the fashion developer did not spare any effort to make the virtual fashionista shine this upcoming season. The collection has everything you love: punk rock jackets beaded with gold ornaments, fluffy miniskirts that flow as you walk, glamorous cleavages, unique belts, asymmetrical tank tops… Each piece of the collection has been meticulously produced and given the care and attention to details that Indyra’s brand is known for.

With this episode, GLANCE Model Academy is proud to bring on the spotlight its first graduates of 2011, showing off the inimitable couture creations by Indyra Originals. Come discover on the catwalk the fresh faces in virtual modeling: Violet Batriani, Xavier Midal, Anna Sapphire, Flidais Etchegaray, Xandrah Sciavo, Giada Oh, Dixiesweety28 Twin and Li Nirvana.

The show will be taped live by Rezzed TV and available afterwards for downloads and reruns.

Get ready for all new collection by Indyra Originals.

About Indyra Originals by Indyra Seigo:

“I joined SL back in June 2006 because I craved another creative outlet for my art. I’ve been a commissioned pinup artist for many years now in RL, so it was natural for me to make the transition to this platform. I began designing ladies apparel for SL in July of ’06. In order to maintain my own ‘look’ I strictly create all of my own clothing, shoe and handbag textures myself. My inspiration generally comes from global trends. My influences include: RL Runways, Japanese Pop Culture, the French Quarter, as well as Steampunk and Goth fashion. I continue to improve on my craft almost daily.”

Visit Indyra Originals:
Indyra Originals online:

Catwalk TV produced by GLANCE International Agency logoAbout CATWALK TV:

Catwalk TV is a monthly fashion television show produced by GLANCE International Agency (GIA) and hosted by HoneyBear Lilliehook, GIA COO and SL Supermodel. It is filmed by Rezzed TV, SL’s fastest growing television network. The show caters to sophisticated female avatars on the look for the latest creations by upcoming and established designers. For the latest in fashion, join us on the catwalk!

Check out CATWALK TV online:
Produced by:

About Rezzed TV:

Rezzed.TV is a podcast network that is dedicated to bringing the best audio and video coverage of Virtual Worlds in the world. They aim to give a fresh perspective on worlds such as Second Life(tm) to keep their audience engaged. To find out more and to enjoy their wealth of content visit or visit Rezzed TV Island today.


About GLANCE International Agency:

GLANCE International Agency is a full service Second Life™ based fashion public relations agency, listed in Linden Lab’s directory as an official SL Solution Provider.

Launched in 2008 under the guidance of Patty Cortes, founder and CEO and soon joined by HoneyBear Lilliehook, GIA COO, the agency is responsible for successful fashion events such as the International Fashion Day (24 fashion shows in 24 hours), the Accessory Fair 2010 (visited by over 20,000 SL residents) and over 120 fashion shows produced to date. Working close to both worlds’ fashion professionals, GIA is regularly featured in virtual and real world medias.

As a fashion-centric company, GIA produces a glossy, monthly publication, GLANCE Magazine along with two high standard virtual fashion television programs: CATWALK TV and HOMME STYLE TV available for downloads and reruns through Rezzed TV (

GIA also presents daily updates on its fashion blog, managed by Style Editor Amalia Foxtrot for over a year.

Let us broadcast your fashion message to an international crowd through top medias and fashion events! Contact us today for customized fashion marketing solutions.


HoneyBear Lilliehook
Chief Operations Officer
GLANCE International Agency

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