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GIA Presents Catwalk TV Episode #2

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GLANCE International Agency presents Catwalk #2
— Featuring the Designs of Nefertiti Kimagawa, RBZ Design and G. Sloane Couture

When: Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 1:00 PM SLT

GLANCE International Agency (GIA), SL’s premier fashion marketing and public relations agency is proud to present the second episode of Catwalk TV, this Saturday, June 12, 2010, at 1:00 PM SLT at the brand new, custom created GIA Runway.

This month’s edition of Catwalk TV will focus on three fashion designers: Nefertiti Kimagawa, a newcomer we’d like to introduce you to; Ralektra Breda (RBZ Design), who has been designing for two years and is known for producing wearable art, and Geryn Sloane (G. Sloane Couture), a popular fashion staple in SL.

Catwalk TV is a monthly fashion television show hosted by HoneyBear Lilliehook, GIA COO and SL Supermodel. It is filmed by Rezzed TV, SL’s fastest growing television network. The show caters to sophisticated female avatars on the look for the latest creations by upcoming and established designers. For the latest in fashion, join us on the catwalk!

About Nefertiti Kimagawa:
“I have been in Second Life for 18 months. I have done many things in SL fashion but only 2 months ago I started playing with GIMP. I started designing clothing just for the fun of it. My fiance, Wurlizter, said I should sell my designs, and that’s how this all got started. I owe many thanks to him and other designing friends for letting me ask tons of questions, and to all my friends that have stood behind me, even when I didn’t think I could do it. It took many days of pulling my hair out and wanting to throw my computer out my window but I finally have begun to design clothing that I like and that others like. I am always learning everyday and I’m always asking questions so that I can produce new outfits. My goals in SL are to just make clothes that people feel pretty in.”
Visit Nefertiti Kimagawa:

About Ralektra Breda of RBZ Design:
“I came to Second Life in March of 2008, and started trying to build pretty much my second day. A week or so in I found out that you could make clothes using outside graphics programs…I had been using Paintshop Pro for about 6 years at that point so I was ready to go! Or so I thought :) It has been a learning experience all the way, and I still learn new things all the time. I’m having fun and that is the important part!”
Visit RBZ Design:

About Geryn Sloane of G. Sloane Couture:
Geryn (pronounced GAIR-in, like Gary, NOT JER-in) Sloane had dreams of being a fashion designer when she was in high school but RL took her in another direction. Art was always her first love and that never changed, so now in SL Geryn is letting her creative mind run free and is making clothing at last! She studied graphic design and photography in college and puts her knowledge to good use. Elegant simplicity and wearability are goals of her designs. She loves making gorgeously chic formal gowns and cocktail dresses but likes to mix it up and do casual dresses, sportswear, lingerie, and some exotic special interest designs. She has also dabbled in jewelry and footwear, as well as a small collection of bridal designs.
Visit G. Sloane Couture:

About Rezzed TV

Rezzed.TV is a podcast network that is dedicated to bringing the best audio and video coverage of Virtual Worlds in the world. We aim to give a fresh perspective on worlds such as Second Life to keep our audience engaged. To find out more and to enjoy our wealth of content visit today or visit Rezzed TV Island today.


About GLANCE International Agency:
GLANCE International Agency is a full service Second Life™ based fashion public relations agency, official member of the SL Solution Providers program. It is responsible for successful, groundbreaking fashion productions such as the International Fashion Day (24 fashion shows in 24 hours) sponsored by and featured on along with the recent Accessory Fair 2010, visited by 20,000 SL residents. GIA also worked in collaboration with RL agents such as JenJenPR located in the Netherlands, to broadcast a virtual fashion show to the real world!

GLANCE International Agency, since its inception in 2008 by founder and CEO, Patty Cortes, has the driving vision of becoming the best for its fashion-centric production and public relations services. Innovation, insightful comprehension of the industry, and a thorough demand for perfection have driven the agency's success which will always act as our future foundations. Our strength lies in the hands-on premiere services that we provide at a high professional level to maximize our clients' style exposure.

GLANCE International Agency is a fashion-centric company which produces a glossy, monthly publication, GLANCE Magazine along with two high standard virtual fashion television programs: CATWALK TV and HOMME STYLE TV available for downloads and reruns through Rezzed TV (

Let us broadcast your fashion message to an international crowd through top medias and fashion events! Contact us today for customized fashion marketing solutions.


Patty Cortes
Founder & CEO
GLANCE International Agency

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