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GIA Shop Review // MADesigns

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When it comes to male fashion in Second Life, lots of people will first refer to the one stop male fashion center developed by KMADD enterprise. The sim became so big that at one point, it was difficult for all visitors to even take one step without lagging. Due to this situation and many other reasons, KMADD city was shut down recently for renovation. Last Saturday, the new KMADD open it's door to the world and today, for those who haven't been to it, we will give a peek of what is new at this well known location

I am sure most of you remember the old KMADD city, many stores of different designers spread in a mall theme sim with one 5 stories high building which was MADesigns. All that is now in the pass, replacing it, is a modern abstract shaped store which contains all the products and business of KMADD enterprise. What really caught my attention was the use of color, while the old MADesigns building was a well organize store, the color of the building itself was not eye catching and as well as most stores out there, sometimes the color tone are actually a bit depressing. The new abstract building changed all that, the use of bright colors with simple shapes composing the structure of the new store is an unique design that can be recognized anywhere.

One thing people often mistake is that a store has to be like a supermarket, everything must be in rows and well put one next to another. Well, MADesigns has proven that wrong. The store itself because of the unique design, doesn't have stairs that connects its floors or signs that points to specific product, but it comes with a teleporter panel right where you land when you teleport into the sim, making the shopping experience simpler and much faster. And also on the main floor, you have two panels with the latest products of the brand at plain sight which saves you the time of rezzing the big extension of previous products.

MADesigns has a big varieties of product, it all starts out with shapes and developed further into hairstyles and realistic looking eyes. One line of product I really like from MADesigns is INTERNATIONAL MEN Collection. A line of shapes specifically design and detail to the individual characteristics of men from each country.

MADesigns is well known for its male products, but don't get me wrong, this is only because KMADD city was a sim full of stores dedicated to male fashion. The truth is MADesigns also have great female products like shapes and hair and much more to offer to all of the Second Life community

Aside of its traditional products, MADesigns are also developing a line of model poses and photographic textures for all those bloggers, models and photographers out there.

I will later on this week post up an interview with the creative mind behind MADesigns, the virtual chameleon, my friend, Maddox Dupont. So hope you all check back in a couple of days for more on MADesigns.

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