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GIA Shop Review// Whippet & Buck

Posted in Update @ 7:20 pm on December 7th, 2009 by admin | 36 views

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Bonjour tout le monde! Today's shop review is on Whippet & Buck. It's a preppy, yet quirky hand drawn clothing store in SecondLife. It sells Men and Women clothing! Also, W&B sells a lot of cute jewelry.

The dresses pictured above are one of my favorite pieces of W&B! I love all the colour choices in each dress. I appreciate the design and how they are layered. It's really pretty and unique. The dresses below are just as adorable. I love the patterns and colours. I believe these pieces are really great to mix and match with. You can mix patterns with patterns or patterns with neutrals or neutral with neutrals. Just have fun with it!

Another one of my favorites are W&B vests. They are sculpted and are perfect for a casual look. It fits me perfectly, too! I had to make no modifications. The shorts are also awesome. I love the detail! They look cute to pair with some tights for winter. Or even for a casual summer look!

Recently, W&B has started making some delightful jewelry! It made me laugh so hard to see Tim Gunn up there on the wall! If you're a fan of Project Runway, you know what I am talking about! Moving on, W&B has started with some simple pieces of jewelry to wear with all sorts of outfits. I love the broach with the bird. I think it's really cute. I also like the necklaces, they're charming and funky.

Finally, now to the Men's clothing! I like these colour block tops for men! They're really cool. I would love to see some cool outfits with those! Do not fret if you don't like the colour blocks. W&B sells some nicely detailed solid men's tops as well. They're trousers are really nice, too. It could work for a professional look or even dressed up casual!

W&B has another pair of trousers for men. They kind of remind me of golf pants! These pants will look fantastic with a pair of boots! They are a bunch of different belts you can purchase to wear with them. And I like that there is all sorts of colours!

The most recent new release from Whippet&Buck are these shirts for men. I love them! Once again, I like the pairings of colours for each top. They even have one colour as a freebie! So try it on, see if you like it and purchase some of the colours! I even showcased some more of trousers. There is lots for one to choose from.

There is a lot more than pictured here. Whippet&Buck has some magnificently detailed basics and other clothes. If you are a fan of then you'll love this store! You will also like the reasonable prices! Enjoy!

Isadora Vayandar
GIA Stylist

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