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GIA Store Review// Intrigue Co.

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Hola!! Im here today to show you guys the sickest & coolest store EVER!! Yesh! im refering to a very Refreshing and Colorful store named Intrigue Co.
Let me give you guys a Tour!

Intrigue Co. its a colorful kinda 80’s themed store owned by Katharine Mcginnis and Christopher Liotta, this store is very unique and fun! Everything i like in a store!
This store makes the most wonderful hoodies i’ve ever seen in the grid! it has the most creative and well done patterns and designs!! the textures and sculpted prims are great done and the final look is wonderful!

This wonderful unique items are the perfect thing to put color in our outfits! it also makes cool original pants and t-shirts!!! it is unisex so there’s no excuse for any of the both gender to not go and check it out!

The best thing of this store is that is all about layering! YAY! for layers! this mean is that we can mix and match how we want and have FUN with our outfits and express our creativities in a really cool way! the t- shirts are equally original than the rest pices of clothes and we ca pair it up with some jeans and VOILA! theres some uniqueness in our outfits at very affordable prices people!!!
Intrigue Co. is the place were the Cool kids Go!! and i know all of you fashion readers are Cool Kids! so lets GOOO!!

I’ll meet you all at Intrigue Co.!!!

GIA Stylist: Rbk Gossipgirl

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