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GIA Store Review// Puddles

Posted in Update @ 3:37 pm on December 5th, 2009 by admin | 15 views

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Hey guys! A girl loves her accessories, you can never get enough so today I bring you a store full of them. Puddles by Brinks Lemmon has everything you could need including Scarves for you winter looks, and a great deal more.

Without further ado, I introduce Puddles

Firstly the stunning Bangles, they come in so many colors and patterns and some amazing sulpted shapes. Pictured below is the very long table covered in them, when you see it you will not know where to start!

As you can see not just the products are amazing, but so is the store, the vendors are in such an intriguing layout. Puddles is so chic, you certainly feel like you’ve made it when you make a purchase here.

To be stylish in winter, scarves are a bare essential. Luckily Puddles is well prepared for the onset of the season with plenty of different scarves for your every need; Long, Short, Left, right, Patterned, Puddles has it all! I own nearly all of them, they complete any winter look.

Now for Belts, something Brinks hasn’t done as many of, as Puddles is still a rather new store. Not to fear, the Belts that are there are fabulous. Like everything in her store they come in so many colors, and are great quality. You simply must check these out for yourself.

And finally, the highlight of Puddles, their Bags. I happen to know that Brinks is a handbag fanatic in real life, so you can be sure her designs will be something special. The hours spent sculpting and texturing these fine bags is definitely shown in the final result. Below are just two of the unique pieces that I am without doubt will not be forgotten

As they say, accessories make the outfit, so i highly recommend you get down to Puddles and snap up each and every product on offer!

I’ve just found out that Brinks is working on a line of shoes, so stay tuned as Puddles is sure to make it’s way to the top of your shopping list!

Puddles mainstore

Stylist: Chantelle Ashdene

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