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GIA Style Alert / LAQ Tekla Skin in Milky

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Morning GIA Readers. I love this skin so much I just had to show you. I’m wearing the new LAQ Tekla Skin in Milky. Tekla has a young sweet face. The fat pack includes 5 face options. All with the same makeup and different lips. Tekla would be perfect as a base skin under all your makeups. Its a great price at around 900 Lindens. It’s even perfect if you are a Second Life Mommy and and want to freshen up your little ones appearance. Of course she can definitely hold her own with out makeup and still look stellar.

Face Option 2, 3, 4 & 5

LAQ Has made a name of itself in Second Life as one of the highest quality skins you can get. Tekla definitely lives up to the expectations that we have from LAQ. I just want to remind everyone that I edit my photos. Simply because I love doing it! However, by doing this it can occasionally remove some of the detail ( like veins and etcetera ). This is the most true in skins. I urge you to try a demo. If you like the skin in this post, I promise you, you will LOVE THE SKIN on your avvie. There is so much more amazing detail that doesn’t come through these photos. I am a smooth aholic. 😉 FYI, I edited the full body and the style credit photo. I left the make up options photo unedited for your pleasure.

If you like my chunky jewelry make sure to stop into primalot. You’ll find lots of goodies there that are all texture change.

Face Option 1

Style Credits:

LAQ ~ Tekla – [Milky]

PRIMALOT ‘Sahara Breeze’

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