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GIA Style Alert //Luxury Boots

Posted in Style Alert, Update @ 11:21 am on November 11th, 2009 by admin | 8 views

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Fall is almost ending ..and winter is coming,and everyone knows that in this season we have to let out the high heels and sandals..and to make another big step for the shoes world.Even if fall is a perfect period for boots..same is winter^^ just that in the case of winter we usually combine it with furs giving it a “Colder” look so we can make the difference between the fashion of the 2 seasons .Today I have for you a style alert that I am sure you will love it..

After a visit at the N-core store[well known in shoes designing and outfits] I found this fantastic boots named N-core LUXURY XtremeHeel II BOXED Fatpack..and what I can tell you about them is that they are PERFECT.You can see all the details because the texture is made with an amazing precision and in the same time they are very luxurious so you can wear it with lots of stuffs.You can find it in different colors but if you want to still be a shopaholic then you should get the fatpack because that gives you the opportunity to mix and match this fabulous boots with a lot of other outfits.

This Boots are they newest release but everyone knows that they create other amazing stuffs too one better then another.If you remember I used to blog a lot their shoes because of the high quality they are made and so I will^^ ..perfect shoes just at N-CORE Store.

-Shop List-
Boots- LUXURY XtremeHeel II-Fatpack — N-core —New Release
N-core Store

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