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GIA Style Alert // Treet TV to host the fashion channel!

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Treet TV Launches The Fashion Channel!
It has finally arrived! 24 hours of Fashion & Style including Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington, MODA Fashion Spotlight, and special televised fashion events taped live by Treet TV and broadcast inworld!

The Fashion Channel is part of Treet TV Entertainment and will be an exciting addition to the Treet TV channel lineup.
That’s makes a total of 9 TV channels for all your entertainment needs, all filmed and produced inside Second Life.
Get Your Television Sets!
Television sets now include the new Fashion Channel are available on Xstreet for only $50L so order yours today! Click here to get it now !
Treet TV channel Lineup:
The Fashion Channel
The Sports Channel
The Music Channel
Metaversed Channel
The Community Channel
Treet TV Guide
Lifestyle Channel
Treet TV Live
Shopping SL Channel
You can also watch The Fashion Channel by visiting Tropical Treet Island.
Tropical Treet Island SLURL:
Treet TV is the premiere television network in Second Life, providing a variety of live talk shows, game shows, sporting events and competitions, live musical performances and special coverage of live events.
Treet TV is dedicated to bringing you quality virtual entertainment. There are thousands of inworld television viewers, are you one?
For questions and advertisement information please drop a notecard to Angie Mornington. Stay stunned! And follow for more Treet TV breaking news.
Logo courtesy of Treet TV

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